Bangla Rap Is On Top This Year! DJ Skip & Cizzy Set The Tone With “Change Hobe Puro Scene”!

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Amidst all of the chaos and craziness that this year has to offer, music has become a go-to for a lot of people. In the soundscape of Desi Hip-Hop, one particular dialect has been emerging with fierce growth. Bangla rap has been exporting exponential talent not only within their boundaries but internationally as well. What a year it is shaping up to be for the sub-genre/dialect. With film placements in Netflix, to now,┬áKolkata’s newest homegrown independent record label that’s all set to break boundaries and stereotypes – Mr. Babu Records!

Renowned turntablist and production virtuoso, DJ Skip a.k.a Skipster has released a 5-track EP titled “East Ended Play”. And the sounds of Mr. Babu boil down and come from a catalog of over 25,000 tracks courtesy of a collaboration between Mr. Babu & Hindusthan Records. East Ended Play is promising to be a game-changer in the music industry infrastructure as it stands today.

Changing The Scene!

This 5-track EP explores the possibility of re-designing the sounds of the past and re-presenting them to our current and future generations in new ways. The EP features Kolkata-based Bengali hip-hop sensation and one of India’s most consistent Bangla Rap artists, Rounak Chakraborty a.k.a Cizzy, who raps on the only vocal track of the compilation, “Change Hobe Puro Scene”.

The song brings with it a breath of fresh air to the prevalent sounds of society. Breaking established norms and perspectives in the process. The other tracks are Skipster’s renditions of popular Bengali songs of the last century, and are also open to collaborations from musicians who would want to add their elements in those tracks!

This EP aims to fuse past and present to create a new future, one which disrupts the norms of today’s music industry and develops artists to their maximum potential. In Mr. Babu, the artists get to spearhead their projects and ideas and creativity come first. Check out the full EP down below and share the word! Change begins with artists, and Mr. Babu is all about art!