Bangalore Mirror: Machas With Attitude are ‘Beasts of Beats’

Machas With Attitude (M.W.A.) recently made headlines in Bangalore Mirror in which their feature was titled Beasts of Beats.

More and more press is recognizing the Desi Hip-Hop movement and the artists who are pioneering the musical uprising hence the new spotlight on M.W.A.

In their interview, M.W.A. discuss their musical journey, departure into Bollywood, what Hip-Hop really is, and a bit in between.

Starting with their journey, Brodha V tells the reporter “Having to convince your parents that you want to take up a career in a field that is not so familiar in India is the biggest struggle in anyone’s life. Plus, coming from Bangalore, where rock music is very popular, nobody would take me seriously as well. Hip-Hop music was very new to people here.”

With an established name on the Underground Desi Hip-Hop scene, the group managed to break into Bollywood this year. Working with music producer Raghu Dixit, the group was given plenty of advice. Reflecting on this period, Smokey says Raghu told them “Give positive to the universe and the universe will throw positives at you,” to which Smokey responded, “That advice worked and I won’t forget the fact that he not only looked at us as collaborators, but also as his boys entering the industry. That is a huge inspiration.”

With Hip-Hop at their core, what does that term mean to the group? “Rapping is an art of layering intellectual poetry in the form of vocals with a rhythm over a beat. Hip Hop is more than music,” says Brodha V. He finished his thought by saying, “It is a culture.”

Indeed it is a culture, which is becoming a movement. While M.W.A. paves the way for new Hip-Hop acts to emerge, they are also the ones setting the trends for music!