Bandish Projekt & Swadesi Showcase Society’s Grim Reality On “Khaari Baat”!

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Bandish Projekt and Swadesi have been in good sync for years. Their standing and outlook on music, life and the whole journey and processes of making music are well in tune with each other. The team has delivered multiple hits in the past and are keeping their uniqueness in mind with each track they make.

The music speaks for itself, their primary goal is to spread knowledge and awareness through their music. “Khaari Baat” is a song that acts as a mirror to society. It talks of the truths within the society and the reactions of ordinary citizens to these truths. The EP that “Khaari Baat” is a part of, reflects the same ideologies. Listen to the full EP – “Khulle Naagde” on this link ->

Knowledge – The Highest Element

Swadesi is a Hip-Hop crew that has cultivated its core ideals to develop, nurture and create a change in society. Their music is deep rooted to the issues not only plaguing society, but also affecting the inner peace and quality of life in humanity. They introspect and deal with the emotions of mankind and this is a trait that sets them and their music apart from a whole bunch of artists in the scene. In “Khaari Baat” each of the 4 emcees – MC Mawali, Todfod, Maharya and 100RBH – take on different roles of society.

They talk about the cautions to take, the right ways to follow and the rules of self discipline on the song. This comes from each of their experiences in real life. Bandish Projekt direct the instrumental in a way that is gritty, emotional and sticks to the overlaying theme. Their music keeps the vibes of the song running in a particular direction. The video accompanies the beat perfectly.

Watch “Khaari Baat” by Bandish Projekt & Swadesi  down below and let us know your thoughts!