Badshah’s Latest Release “Let It Go” Has A Surprise Twist In The End!


If you were living under a rock all this while, you probably never heard of Badshah endorsing the Yamaha Rayzr series of scooters. If you weren’t, then you’ll love this video and song to go with it too. This one’s for all the party lovers, festival goers, scooter fans and music fans alike. Badshah just went back to back!

“Let It Go” is a peppy, uptempo song that also acts as an extended advertisement for one of Badshah’s side ventures. The use of the Yamaha Rayzr in this video has been executed really well. But what sets this song apart from everything else is the last verse.

Badshah Let It Go

A Twist In The Song

This time we see Badshah rap the last part of his verse in Tamil. “Let It Go” has all the makings of a super hit single – be it the jumpy beat, the lyrics, or even the beautiful singing. Everything is on point.

Andrea Jeremiah also brings an out of this world vibe to the already spectacular track with her vocals. She shines through on the song and its video too. This is one deadly combination that came out of nowhere. The replay value for this song is above the roof.

In the video, Badshah and Andrea are seen stepping up and performing for a music festival. The setting, the theme and the video are shot and edited amazingly well. The Tamil lyrics which are sung by Badshah are written by Subu. Check out the music video for “Let It Go” below, share and enjoy the track!