Badshah drops ‘Interstellar’ and teases album ‘3:00 AM Sessions’

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Badshah has restored his faith in fans  with ‘Interstellar‘ who were thinking that this titan who has gone mainstream and now makes music only for the Bollywood industry (“will never drop a proper rap song again”). ‘Interstellar’ is as hip-hop as hip-hop gets and has now sparked the curiosity of what his upcoming album ‘3:00 AM Sessions‘ is really all about.

You can check out the lyric video of the track right here:

The description on the YouTube upload is very personal:

3:00 AM Sessions is the most personal body of work I have been able to put together. It has stories, it has fantasies, it has ambitions, it has confessions. The only thing it does not have is lies. This is Me with no layers. I am scared to put it all out but cant hold it back any longer. It is my redemption.

Love and Peace

Aditya Singh (Badshah)

In the track, Badshah is discharging his opinion about his naysayers and others who consider themselves his competition. You can hear him bragging about how his hardwork has changed his circumstances, how going mainstream helped him become financially stable, stable enough that he bought himself a Rolls Royce and has a park in his house (he HUMBLY mentions this in the track itself). The tracks aural environment is what is currently trending and his him gloating about his accolades thus far in his musical journey in autotune on an earworm quality trap instrumental.

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Papa ki ‘Roz Royce’

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Badshah has mentioned that ‘3:00 AM Sessions’ is going to be a pure work of Hip-Hop and is something that is very relatable to all hip-hop fans in interviews and his instagram posts. The timing of this body of work is crucial as it seems to be coming out at a time when Desi Rap has become a house hold name and all possible brands are hopping on to this bandwagon and giving it their own twist. None the less, we are still waiting for this album to come out and hoping it is more than what his fans are expecting.

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