Badshah Drops First Single “Heartless” Off Of His Upcoming Album “O.N.E”

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Bollywood top emcee Badshah has just released his first single from his upcoming studio album “O.N.E.” (Original Never Ends). This one hits close to home with regards to both the audio and the video of the track. Badshah has re-surfaced a wave of emotions that have long been in the shadows of Bollywood music.

After dropping hit after hit in solo songs as well as features, he has grown as an artist in full circle. This track represents an emotion that is a paradox to the superstar factor that is Badshah.

The Unsolvable Paradox

The song “Heartless” is certainly representing a good side of Hip-Hop in the nation. There is a gap between storytelling that is prominent in the underground scene and lack thereof in the commercial zone. Badshah has done a job more than well done to link his creativity and work around this prevailing distance. It is admirable to see the way he has inked this story in a thought-driven, conceptual manner. This is the effort we can all look up to. The way he has penned these rhymes are simple and subtle, and the video is what delivers the complete package.

The story is one that will reveal itself in time, but the overall perspective of Badshah to choose to release this particular song says something about the vision he has for the music he makes. What we have to understand is that, in a position that Badshah holds, the pressure and perspective that he performs in are heavy. To see that this track was the outcome is certainly refreshing for hip-hop heads and casual listeners as well.

Watch the video for “Heartless” by Badshah down below and let us know what you feel! Here’s to more from Badshah!