Badshah Buys Ultimate Kho-Kho’s Mumbai Team with Businessman Punit Balan

Solidifying his superstar status, Badshah has become the co-owner of Ultimate Kho-Kho’s Mumbai franchise team alongside renowned film producer, developer and sports enthusiast, Punit Balan. The Mumbai-based team completes the line-up for the inaugural edition of Ultimate Kho Kho which will take off later this year.

“My mother used to play Kho-Kho during her college days and this ground-rooted game is very close to my heart. This nostalgic and personal connection triggered me to be part of Ultimate Kho Kho,” Badshah said about his first sports venture.


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Fascinated by the pace and elegant style of the game as well as the nostalgic value that the sport has for him, Badshah believes Ultimate Kho Kho has humongous potential. He aims to inspire and build superstars in this indigenous sport through this association.

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