B3 India’s First Handicap Match-Up – Infamous vs. Full Power!

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B3 Art of War 2: Last of King features its first handicap matchup “Infamous vs. Full Power”. This exhibition matchup is quite special as we’ll be seeing probably one of the first 2 vs. 1 rap battle in this country. Infamous whose been battling since the first edition on B3 will be back at it this time as well  in an exhibition battle against the Delhi based rap duo “Full Power” i.e. Yungsta and Frappe Ash.

Two Versus One – Who Wins?

Yungsta and Frappe have made quite a name for themselves in the music scene in recent times and it would be great to see them battle for the first time together against Infamous. It would be great to see what infamous brings to the table and how he prepares to take on not one but two opponents at the same time.

This is surely one of the most anticipated battle of the evening as everyone is excited how the Delhi based duo coordinate and try to take on Infamous in this handicap match-up. We will be seeing Infamous getting back in form after his defeat from Kode for the Clan Leader title in the previous installment of B3 Art of War. So this is game on now for both Infamous and Full Power to bring out the best bars and lyrics to snatch the win!

Event Details HERE – https://www.facebook.com/events/224579428320072