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DesiHipHop’s Music 101: Freestyle VS Off-The-Dome

Featured aims to push forward the Hip-Hop culture in South Asia. For this, it is very crucial to make the artists aware of the general things every musician who aspires to sell his or her music should be aware of….

Scott Storch, The Dr. Dre of 2000s Hip-Hop!


Kanye West once said, “Hip-hop is the new Rock n Roll”. In other words, hip-hop music is the most popular music genre today. Modern hip-hop music has undoubtedly grown a lot in terms of audience and business. With changing times…

Does Hip-Hop Music Really Affect Your Lifestyle?


Hip-hop music conveys a story or a message from an artist’s lifestyle or society. Unfortunately, not every hip-hop music artist is true to the art. First and foremost, hip-hop music was initially a form of conveying social messages musically. It was…