Asifa Rape Incident Sparks Protest Among Desi Hip Hop Artists

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In a shocking headline the whole nation came to find out the story of 8 year old Asifa. The innocent girl was raped and brutally murdered inside a temple. There is also the shocking case of a few lawyers defending the accused and people organising protests towards clearing the name of the accused. This is the point where our country has come to. The sad reality is that these kinds of cases occur frequently but most of them are swept under the rug. In a helpless state, there are victims of rape who to this day do not speak out in fear of the repercussions. The stories are spine chilling as well as saddening. And we all must do our part to stop this “rape culture” that has plagued our humanity as people of this nation.

Art has been the answer to a lot of changes in the mindsets of the people since the start of civilisation. Art is a medium of expression that spreads awareness of ones mind state and reflects the state of the times. Recently, due to the details of this case being unraveled, Desi hip hop artists took to the streets to protest against the injustices committed in our society. A few artists also shared the issue and have actively discussed this within their communities. It is time to raise our voices and everyone has a different way of dealing with these issues. Hip Hop at the end of the day spread the knowledge and talked about the hypocrisy of the government.

It also talked about why the mentality as a whole needs to change. Here are some of the artists who dissed the rapists and condemned the mentality of it.


Divine is a youth icon as well as a rap artist who is known to speak up about the issues in society. It is no surprise that he dropped this snippet of a track which disses the rapists and condemns the incident. The track goes all in and leaves nothing back for the diss. Check this out on his instagram.

#Raperoko #justiceforall

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Emiway organised a protest and rapped a whole song about the incident and spread awareness in his own way. The song “#NoRape” was a part of the protest which was organised at Carter Road, Bandra. It also highlights the wrongdoings and also disses the rapists. The song also is used to spread awareness for the same.


Bombay Lokal emcee Shaikhspeare also joined protests in Dadar urging action against the racists and did a verse to express the need for Justice for Asifa. Watch the video on the instagram tab below.

MC Altaf

Enimiez crew member MC Altaf also did a freeverse to express his thoughts about the issue. Watch the clip down below.

Time to make a law #makeindiagreatagain #justiceforasifa #wakeup

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Big Deal

Bangalore based emcee Big Deal also dropped a heartfelt track to the country about this incident. The track is an open letter to the government and to the people about standing up to these injustices. The track lashes out at political parties and the police for their inaction. It also disses the rapists in Big Deals own way. Check out the full track down below.