“Artisttaan Showcase” Is Going Down This Month!


Artisttaan is making major moves in the capital. Organizing an event with a fire line up is exactly what Artisttaan is focused on this month. Furthermore, Artisttaan is scheduled to perform and set fire along with other underground artists. The event is definitely going to be dope and the expectations from this is huge. The Artisttan line up for the showcase is Raga, Yawar, Harjas, Newtone, Amie, BB, Rish, Moit, Kaadar and Talwar.

Artisttan Showcase

“Artisttaan Showcase” is conceptualised by Flashwave Entertainments and it’s going down on 26th August at Liquor House, Angel Mega Mall, Plot No CK-1, Kaushambi, Ghaziabad, UP. In fact, the surprise guests are Encore ABJ, Calm, Yungsta, Puneet Kohli, Marshall The Third, ABIR, Faraz, MC Bamania, It’s Sky and Cyclonestar. For the fans a display picture tag is also made available by Artisttaan and viewers could get it too.

Artistaan Showcase Image

This event is definitely a must for every Hip-Hop fan. The line-up pretty much speaks for itself and it’s going to be amazing.

Stay updated at Artisttan’s facebook page for more details.