AO & Haji Springer’s ‘Kya Bola’ Exclusively on Saavn before anywhere else!

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Desi Hip Hop presents Haji Springer and AO‘s latest drop – Kya Bola – now only available on Saavn exclusively for 3 days before the song is available any where else! This exclusive “early access” through Saavn sets the tone for the official music video which drops on December 10th along with the song’s availability on all online stores.

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Hear It First On Saavn

When two talented rappers and an outside-the-box producer lock themselves up in the studio, magic happens. AO and his brother Shay, both grew up in the beautiful hills of Southern California. Their interests in music grew from an early age, and working together was the only natural answer as they grew in their creative avenues.

When the duo met Haji Springer two years ago, they connected instantly and started cooking up some tracks.  Kya Bola is one of the singles that is part of their 5 track E.P. which is set to release in 2018. In Kya Bola, Shay put together a sick instrumental for AO & Haji to display their skills.

Singles like these only make the Desi Hip Hop scene stronger. Only with powerful collaborations between talented artists, can we get to harness the best out of each other. AO, Shay, & Haji did just that with their releases of singles like “On The Low”, “My Moment”, and now “Kya Bola”. Kya Bola is available only on Saavn for a limited time – so this is your chance to listen to the song before anyone else!

Saavn Kya Bola Haji Springer

AO added the impact of breaking stereotypes with their collaboration with Haji Springer, “There are all sorts of stereotypes about Desi rappers. But, we’re here putting out a respectable project which tells our story. Haji’s story, and our story.”

AO opened up about his rapport with Haji stating, “Haji and I did ‘On the Low’ as our first single together which did very well.  This project is different because now we are doing a full EP.  The Desi Hip Hop scene hasn’t seen a collaboration like this before.  This is going to be something special and we hope it creates excitement.  The game is changing and evolving! We want this EP to be at the forefront of this culture shift.”

Haji gave us the opportunity to showcase our talents to the following he has established in South Asia as well as Desis globally with this project.  We’re excited to hear the reaction.  We want to establish our foothold in the same.  Shay and I are that next generation ready to make noise in the Desi hip hop scene,” he further added.

Saavn Kya Bola Haji Springer