AO, Haji Springer, Jay R drops Urban Desi Summer Jam #SoFly

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AO, Shay, & Haji Springer teamed up again to drop the urban desi hip hop classic for the summer – So Fly.

“So Fly” is a banger with Urban vibes written all over it. While AO & Haji Springer showcased their skills through their verses, Jay R took on the hooks. AO’s brother – SHAY – is instrumental in the duo, literally. The man’s produced all the bangin’ beats that AO jumps on, and that tradition continues with this single.

The crew worked together with director Anthony Jacob who’s worked with multiple Bay Area artists.

Watch So Fly – AO ft Haji Springer & Jay R | Produced by Shay

When two talented rappers and an outside-the-box producer lock themselves up in the studio, magic happens. AO and his brother Shay, both grew up in the beautiful hills of Southern California. Their interests in music grew from an early age, and working together was the only natural answer as they grew in their creative avenues.

AO, Shay, & Haji Springer previously collaborated together on On the Low, My Moment, & Kya Bola. Kya Bola was released earlier this year and still continues to rack up the views.  When Kya Bola dropped and became an instant hit among Desi music fans, AO opened up about his rapport with Haji stating, “Haji and I did ‘On the Low’ as our first single together which did very well.  This project is different because now we are doing a full EP.  The Desi Hip Hop scene hasn’t seen a collaboration like this before.  This is going to be something special and we hope it creates excitement.  The game is changing and evolving! We want this EP to be at the forefront of this culture shift.”

Haji Springer has been instrumental in the growth of the Desi Hip Hop scene. With singles like ‘Koi Ni Parwa’, ‘Brand New Swag’‘Preet’, Sanjay Dutt, multiple albums – including the Apple exclusive, Dava, which dropped in 2018., Haji Springer has most definitely made his mark with his music.