Another Music Video From Saheer Is On It’s Way!

US based rapper Saheer has dropped his album ‘Soul Purpose’ in association with We have been giving you a gist of Saheer’s work as he released back to back music videos. He has been making music since his early teens. His music is layered and complex, reflecting who he is as a person. And now he is all set for his next release!

Saheer’s next drop is going to take everyone by surprise. While other artists take their time after album releases, this San Jose rapper has no plans of resting. Wild West (Down 2 Roll) ft. Saheer will drop sooner than you think! The video is Directed as well as Edited by Adi Parige. While Deep Singh has shot and colour graded it. Wild West is set to release on August 8th, 2017 exclusively with!

Saheer stated, “‘Wild West’ refers to how the combination of California and Gujarat, India has paved the way for my artistry. My sounds represent my experience growing up in an Indian family where Hip-Hop was never played openly, let alone considered a viable career option. My music in present day combines flavors of my parent’s homeland with some of my own. “Wild West (Down 2 Roll)” is a testament to combining what I chose to do with what I was meant to do.

wild west saheer

The rapper is surely on a roll here as he released two kick-ass music videos recently viz. “Trapt” and “Green Venue”. “Trapt” is the lead single off of his album Soul Purpose that released worldwide on July 20, 2017. Saheer stated, “‘Trapt’ is a song that reinforces the repetitive grind of dedicating ourselves over and over again to perfect our craft. We’re not content with mediocrity, and we’re “Trapt” on the path to achieving greatness.”

As a matter of fact,  “Green Venue” was awarded Best Music Video at the 2016 Golden Gate International Film Festival. The track is a fun ode about burying fading relationships and focusing on culling new ones. All this music has been distributed worldwide by DesiHipHop in association with High Rize ENT.

Stay with us for more updates on the release of Saheer starrer “Wild West (Down 2 Roll)”. Till then read the exclusive interview with the rapper, where he opens up about his passion for music.