Anoop drops eye opening EP about his experiences in ‘First World Problems’

Anoop Chaganty just dropped an epic EP – and it’s a creative expression about the Desi experience in North America. If you were a Desi growing up in the United States, you know exactly what Anoop is talking about.

Comedian Hari Kondabolu, a fan of The Simpsons, is the creator of The Problem with Apu, a new documentary on TruTV about Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, the beloved owner of Springfield’s Kwik-E-Mart. In this particular documentary, Hari finds the numerous problems with caricatures of Indians and brown people in the United States. Characters like Apu have been portrayed in the media for a number of decades now. And, the impact that it left on the American society cannot be un-done.

He goes on to prove that the immense cultural impact on society with these types of negative stereotypes is intense. Just like Anoop Chaganty, thousands of Desi-Americans faced the impact of negative stereotypes in the US.

Originally from India, Anoop grew up in the San Fransisco Bay Area, and experienced life that a majority of Desi-Americans face on a daily basis. From being picked on in school, to being looked at as a “foreigner” in his own country, Anoop decided to take all of these experiences and use it to create his own music.

The man dropped some hard hitting words in all of the songs in “First World Problems” as he defined the many challenges faced by immigrants in the United States. In “Victims of Bikram”, Anoop vocalizes the numerous situations that came up after 9/11. From being treated as a terrorist to being pulled over by the police for his skin color, Anoop has creatively expressed his experiences in the most musical way that he could think of.

This is Hip Hop. Hip Hop allows people to tell stories, and Anoop used that very aspect of Hip Hop to tell his story, and the stories of millions of Americans from Desi heritage in his debut EP – ‘First World Problems’.

In the EP, he’s got tracks like “Instafame” where he talks about Instagram celebrities. He also dives into societal norms and abnormalities. In a creative way, he uses the power of Hip Hop to make his mark and to express situations in the world that he lives in. It is surely a world that many others experience regularly; and with artists like Anoop, millions of viewers will finally see the story from the Desi perspective.