I started writing rhymes in the 12th grade. I realized that it was so much easier to express what I felt with a pen and a paper. I would sit for hours, conjuring up, thousands of thoughts and putting them on sheets of paper. So hundreds of notebooks and dried out pens later, I realized that i wanted to share this with the rest of the world. When I got to college, my life got caught up with the real world. Bu my music didn’t stop. I’m new to this game. I didn’t get into a studio until I was in college, and my only real professional experiences has just been what I’ve done this year. I’m a rookie. But i can hang with any veteran.

A lot of people say music is their passion but i can honestly say my music is my life. I love it. Every beat, every rhyme, every octave, in every note of every song. I live for it.

Check out his 2012 mixtape, “Taking Flight”