“Alag” By KRSNA | Mastering The Art Of Taking Underground Music To The Mainstream


This has been a rather good year for KRSNA who has been making waves in Delhi with back to back releases. His last track ‘I M Ready’ featured Raftaar and it has already crossed a million views. The national capital region OG is not afraid to experiment with his sound and is sonically on point with the variation.


His latest release is different acoustically as well is literally, for our non-desi readers ‘Alag’ translates to different in Hindi. ‘Alag’ opens up with the chorus which has a very urban new school vibe to it and a few might expect that the verses will follow the whole ‘Mumble’ trend but those presumptions are proven wrong after just one listen. The Gurugram resident delivers straight bars and the verses depict exceptional variation in flow.


In the track he is differentiating himself from his peers and stating reasons why is he in a league of his own. I remember having conversations with him and he once told me that he will eventually mention about being considered ‘underrated’ in one of his tracks, little did I know that track would be ‘Alag’.

Just like his previous releases KRSNA maintains a very international benchmark in terms of the production quality. When asked about the track KRSNA added, “Alag is just a taste of what I’ve been working on in terms of artistic direction, adding melodious elements but still keeping the verses real“.

Check out the video right here –

The track also has additional vocals by Aadil K and has been mixed & mastered by Prithvi Sharma. J.P helped out with the production and composition of the tune. It is very encouraging to see major labels like Zee Music giving underground hip-hop the same pedestal as mainstream music. Canfuse has done a wicked job on the video and seems to visually translate everything which KRSNA is trying to convey.


With this release it is safe to say that KRSNA is among the few artists who has comprehended the nearest to perfect balance between underground and commercial hip-hop!