Ahmer’s Latest “Elaan” Off Of “Little Kid, Big Dreams” Is A Fierce Retaliation To The System

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Hailing from Kashmir, a new and shining voice in the Kashmir rap circuit, Ahmer is on his way to a revolution. His debut album “Little Kid, Big Dreams” is out now on all platforms and if the first single off of the album is anything to go by, we can foretell the rebellion in the full album. “Elaan” is a call out to the injustices in society and it also rings in Azadi Records front runner Prabh Deep.

Both of them have cut through the noise and spat the truth out plain and simple. The showcase of raw talent, substance and lyricism is nothing new in the roster full of artists, and Ahmer fits the bill perfectly.

Big Dreams

Ahmer has matched his cadence to the energy that Sez brings on a record, he has outclassed the beat speaking nothing but the pure truth. Exposing societal flaws and hypocrisies, he has displayed total fearlessness on speaking what needs to be said. The album seems even more promising with this type of talent. An official review is in order and coming soon.

In his own words “This song is about everything I have seen around me while growing up. The song calls out people who are hypocritical because they do terrible things behind the curtain, but judge others for doing the same just to be accepted by society. It is about how people in power use religion to manipulate the masses. Prabh Deep’s verse is about how he is against people who are dividing the country on the basis of religion, caste and other socio-political factors.”

Buy, Download, Stream the full album here ->  http://azadirecords.lnk.to/LKBD – Watch the official music video for “Elaan” by Ahmer -x- Sez On The Beat -x- Prabh Deep down below and share the video to support the movement!