Adil Omar

The world’s most notorious and dangerous country has yet spawned another threat – but only to today’s fickle and materialistic music industry. You may have heard his rugged and menacing voice on various songs. You may have heard his side splitting comic style, the brutal intensity of his murderous lyrics, or the deep social contingency of his intellect. You may have heard all of the music that Adil Omar has to offer, but trust us you have heard nothing yet.

Adil can be described as bold, intelligent, insightful, strong willed, ingenious, and even all of these words can barely scratch the surface of this skilled rapper/singer-songwriter. It is safe to say that Adil Omar is one of the most talented underground emcees in today’s environment, and chances are he isn’t even from your part of the globe. Adilla the Hun doesn’t rep for a crew, block, city or state… He represents every different layer of human emotion and nature, and that’s what gives him his drive and determination. Look for him, because chances are, if you don’t, he’ll come looking for you.