Ace Pushes New Album, Drops Single “One Day, Some Day”

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First generation emcee, one of the Indian Hip-Hop pioneers, Bombay-based artiste – Ace a.k.a Mumbai is all set to release his new album. The album is aptly titled “Second To None” and it seems promising given the first single off it that just dropped. The song features Lotus Cafe on the hook and she has done a remarkable job by taking the already great track to newer levels. The song in a nutshell talks about keeping on pushing throughout all the pain and struggle to reach where you want to get. That’s when your destiny will shine. It is a soulful, deep joint with a multi-lingual flavour by Ace a.k.a. Mumbai.


Second To None

Ace is the frontman of the Bombay based Hip-Hop crew “Mumbai’s Finest”. He has been an artist from the scene since its humble beginnings and has since collected accolades for years. He has performed at various colleges, clubs and venues around the city. Every year has been a great one for him and the crew. The list of accomplishments is huge and they are still going strong. Last year they dropped their crew album “Mumbai Till I Die” and it was only a matter of time before Ace dropped his solo project. And that time is finally here. ‘Second To None’ is going to be something that has been a long time coming, and we cannot wait to hear the full lineup of tracks when it drops. Upping the album from Ace real soon.


One Day, Some Day

“One Day, Some Day” is a direct insight of the hopes and aspirations that keeps the man going. With head held up high and a never say die attitude, Ace has been forging his way through the scene for years. The song recaps Ace through the years as he spreads knowledge about how to move through the scene. The song is about faith, hope and motivation. A message that needs to be spread in this time and day of the scene, and Ace does so impeccably. He shows lyrical prowess both in Hindi and English to set himself apart from the rest. This only goes to put himself in the bracket of second to none, literally.

The music video was shot and edited by Revolt Art Technology. It was shot at the Bhaari Scene Jam that happened earlier this year, held by Poetik Justis and the SlumGods. The video flashes back to Ace and MF’s earlier accomplishments. It is also a show reel of sorts to see how far they have come. It also glimpses into Ace’s personal life and is a montage of how he balances his life with music and family. There are glimpses of him and the crew performing for A.R. Rahman too. This is a part of the series of music videos to come from the Bhaari Scene Jam. We at Desi Hip-Hop await further music from Ace and wish him all the best for the upcoming album. Check out the music video for “One Day Some Day” below and let us know what you thought!