ABY & Noor Hasan Team Up To Drop “School Sei Seekha Hai”!

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Mumbai rappers ABY and Noor Hasan have linked together to drop a heavy hitting banger – “School Sei Seekha Hai”. The song is filled with interesting and rather nostalgic lines about the way we used to get through school times. The song and the video are just on a level of its own. The video for the song is shot inside an actual school and is eye catching from start to end.

The video is directed and edited by Satbeer Bhatti. The trippy, uptempo beat for the song was provided by Mozes and Vegas. We wanted to know more about the song and their inspiration behind it so we had a quick chat-up with Aby. He definitely had some good things to say for us, catch the interview below!

Q1) What was the thought behind this music video?

ABY: The purpose of this music video was to show how cool our school life is,  and things we learnt with academics being a backbencher.

Q2)  We see that the video was shot inside a school, this is real difficult to pull off, what were the hurdles you guys faced during the process?

ABY: It was difficult in the initial stage when I was looking out for a school to shoot with kids. Team8e crew mate Pravin Habib and Ali’s dad helped us get the permission to shoot at a school along with the kids. We had 3 hours to wrap the entire shoot but we had to extend 2 more hours to finish the entire shoot. The student’s teachers and especially the principal of Micheal High School were very cooperative and supportive to make this possible.

Q3) Noor Hasan has a style of his own and shines whenever he’s on a track. Any reason you chose him over the other young cats in the city right now?

ABY: When I was at the writing stage of the track. I knew if someone with a young voice does the initial verse it will be more relatable. I know Noor from the time he used to listen to all of our underground rappers. In fact, Noor loves my style and he had told me long back that we should collaborate on a track. School Sei Seekha was the right point to have Noor onboard and add the Dharavi17 flavour in the track.

Q4) What was the end result for you while making this happen? Was there a particular direction you aimed at?

ABY: The expectation is nothing we wanted the song to travel in school circle its already getting there.

Q5) What can we expect from ABY in the near future? What’s next in store?

My future plan is to be less self-centric and bring a new vibe to the scene spreading the positivity and realness from my tracks.

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