Abhisting – Grind Up (Drink In My Cup Remix)

Abhisting drops “Grind Up”, remixing “Drink In My Cup” by Kirko Bangz. Look what we found in the Bronx, NY … another Desi Hip-Hop artist getting his hustle on! Empowering the movement and encouraging the artists is part of our job, so we took some time out to learn more about Abhisting and what makes him ‘tick’:

Who is Abhisting? “Born in Hydrabad, Raised in the Bronx – I’ve been polishing my rap game since junior high. Against all odds and against my family’s wishes, I continue to pursue my dream of rapping. On my 18th birthday, I made 5 copies of my very first album and gave them to my friends. But when my parents saw this they took them and threw them in the garbage saying “don’t waste your time with this foolishness, this will take you nowhere in life!” I was very pissed off. I put so much effort into making those albums and they threw it away like it was garbage. But my friends pitched their money together to by me a new legit microphone as a birthday present. Since then, I never looked back and never took ‘no’ for an answer”.

What’s “Grind Up” all about? “All my raps are based on personal experiences that I feel other people can relate to. It’s about a girl who is trying to get this guy at a party, so she throws himself at him. But because she makes it too easy for guy to get her, he’s turned off. The guy just likes her for her body and is physical attracted to her. Because a guy needs a “chase” in order to fall for the girl, he doesn’t want any girl who just throws herself on guys, I mean who would? The girl wants a relationship because she likes they guy, and because of all the time they spent that night. But the guy doesn’t want a relationship. He just likes her for her appearance, not her personality or anything else. At the end of the day he just wants her body”.

Whatchu got planned on the horizon? “I’m actually planning to make a video for the song “Grind Up” and I’m also working on another song called “Drop It” which is using the beat from “No Lie” by 2 Chainz ft. Drake”.

We’d just like to give a shout out to everyone is going against the grain and working hard to make their dreams a reality. Check out “Grind Up” below and leave your feedback!