Abhey Singh ft. Saahir – Kyon [Tribute to 1984]



Abhey Singh drops “Kyon” ft. Saahir in dedication to the 1984 atrocities committed on the people of Punjab by the Indian Government.  June 1-6, 1984 the Indian army attacked the ‘GOLDEN TEMPLE’ and killed thousands of innocent Sikhs in attempt to end Sikh resistance to India’s human and civil right violations against Sikhs. This move by Prime minister Indira Gandhi lead to her own demise, when her own body guards, who were Sikhs, assassinated her in retaliation. 

In 1947, even though the fight for freedom was won by India over the Britishers, they didn’t go without leaving their mark by dividing the land into the regions of “India” and “Pakistan”. Since then, the people of Punjab have also been struggling to preserve their self-identity and claim their right for an autonomous government. In June 1984, during Operation Blue Star, Indira Gandhi ordered the Indian Army to secure the Golden Temple and eliminate any insurgents, as they received information of occupation by Sikh Separatists accused of stockpiling weapons. Thousands of innocent Sikh’s were killed by this assault on their religion and rights.

In such a diverse region, home to 100’s of religions and 1000’s of languages, India has been ravaged by rampant corruption in the government. The Sikh’s have time and time again laid down their lives to protect their motherland from invaders and currently make up the backbone of the Indian Army.  It’s time for the diverse YOUTH of India to come together as ONE and BE THE CHANGE WE WANT TO SEE against the corrupt government officials – Punjabi, Pakistani, Gujarati, Malyali, Marathi, Bengali and all !!

Abhey Singh very rightly asks the question, (Why?) “Kyon”?