A-T Rocks Bombay Palace NYE 2012

Right outside of times square in New York City on the night of new years eve at Bombay Palace’s exclusive K Lounge, the dance floor was pumping, the bottles were popping and everybody was partying shamelessly into 2012.  Lasers, smoke, sold out venue and a dance floor with disco ball overhead made the stage set for the only South Asian artist performing in NYC on New Years Eve, A T.  MTV India’s DJ Bhav Aman was on the 1’s and 2’s and the party was an official Bolly-Fusion Event.  Bhav mixed it up spinning traditional desi with hip hop in an unique dance blend that got all the bodies on the floor.  The ball dropped and everyone was anticipating AT to hit the mic.  AT is an Punjabi born Pakistani music artist working with some of the hottest producers in the American and global music industry including the famous Panjabi MC, one of Eminem’s producers Script Shepherd and a mix of old and new school producers who all represent a unique sound.

AT opened the performance by introducing his 1st signed act, G-Sing who sang traditional Punjabi on the hook of the Punjabi MC Classic “Mirza” and rocked the audience doing his cover of Shinda.  Next up was AT as he stormed the stage and performed 2 of his original tracks (“Eh Dirty” and “New York”) with his swaggerific rhymes.  Mixing punjabi and english AT is helping drive desi-hip hop into a new era with his song “Eh Dirty”, a club stomper that mixes both Punjabi and English lyrics on the bridge.

AT and G-Sing are cooking up there first joint release entitled “Dholna” which will be featured on AT’s Album entitled 4-Twenty-12.  Both artists are working on mix-tapes and albums in 2012. G-Sing will be coming out strong this year with a mixtape and an album.  His mixtape will be self-titled and the album is going to be called “Soul”.  “Soul” will feature authentic Bhangra tracks, Punjabi Anthems, Hip-hop collaborations, classic melodies, plus more and is going to shake-up the South Asian Music scene.

AT and G-Sing brought the fire and have promised to only bring forward the hottest new music.  It was a night to remember for 2011 but also a sign for whats to come in 2012. Be sure to check out www.ATthePartyMusic.com