9 Dance Videos On Desi Hip-Hop Tracks You Shouldn’t Miss!


Hip-hop and dance are interrelated to each other. As a matter of fact, hip-hop dance includes locking, popping, and break dance which was created way back in 1970. After that crews from the United States made this form more popular among the masses. In fact, the television show “Soul Train” and a film called “Breakin’, Beat Street”, and “Wild Style” promoted these crews and dance styles in their early stages which, therefore, helped hip-hop to gain mainstream exposure.

Hip-hop dance

Nowadays, various forms of dance have been introduced in the industry. With the help of digital market and T.V shows taking their interest in these art forms, many artists earn their livelihood from dance. There are mainly three categories of hip-hop dance:

1. Breaking

Breaking was created in South Bronx, New York City in 1970. According to various sources, it was the first form of hip-hop dance that was introduced. Though African Americans created breaking, Puerto Ricans maintained its growth and development when it was considered a fad in the late 1970s.

Break danceBreakers dance within an Apache Line

A cypher or an Apache Line is a circular shaped dance space formed by spectators that breakers use to perform or battle in and usually it is for one-on-one battles for b-boys or b-girls.

2. Locking

Locking was created in the year of 1969. Initially, it was called Campbellocking. Locking looks similar to popping, and the two are frequently confused by the casual observer. Locking is more playful and character-driven.


3. Popping

Popping was created in Fresno, California in 1970. As a matter of fact, it was popularized by Samuel “Boogaloo Sam” Solomon and his crew the “Electric Boogaloos”. Basically, popping is based on the technique of quickly contracting and relaxing muscles to cause a jerk in a dancer’s body.

popping 1

This is the brief information about the forms hip-hop dance. In this piece, we would like to share the best 8 hip-hop dance videos in the Desi hip-hop scene that would blow your mind:

1. FARAK by Divine || Sagar Bora

Sagar Bora is a dancer and is associated with a crew called “13.13 Crew India”. Dancing has been his passion for a long time, so he thought to put up a his dance videos on an official channel and share some of his dance routines with the world. This video is directed and edited by Canfuse.

Also, Sagar Bora mentioned, “So coming to this video, I don’t think so I would have found a better song than this to start my channel. This is probably the first Hindi song which inspired me so much that I would dance on it and release a video. So freaking raw and inspiring! India needs more songs like these. Thank you for this Divine.”

Click Here To Watch Sagar Bora’s Moves On Divine’s Farak

2. Emiway – Mein || Himanshu Dulani

The dancer mentioned that this track of Emiway has inspired him. He feels that Emiway has portrayed his real life story to which he feels so connected. He further adds “Nobody will be there for you. You’ll have to do it yourself. So, nothing is permanent and this is the fact. Also, thank you everyone, who’ve supported me throughout and much love to those who haven’t”. Furthermore, the video has been shot by Piyush and edited by Sushant.

Click Here To Watch Himanshu Dulani’s Dance Moves On Emiway’s “Mein”

3.Poetik Justis – Bhaari Scene|| Asal Desi

Asal Desi is a hip-hop dance crew who is doing a really good and doing their bit for the growth of the scene. Asal Desi is a movement representing hip-hop culture in our Desi way. They preferred to make their dance videos on the tracks of upcoming underground rappers that are doing well for the scene. The dancers which showed their moves on Bhaari Scene are Raj aka Sabertooth, Rajiv aka Killa B aka Victim, and Liladhar aka Fatal. AAiBAA shot the dance video of Bhaari Scene. Overall, the video is nice and gives the real essence of the track the way Poetik Justis has framed it. Banger beat by HHB was enough to make the dancers move!

Click Here To Watch Asal Desi’s Moves On Bhaari Scene

 4.DIVINE feat. Naezy- MERE GULLY MEIN || FAM.O.U.S Crew

FAM.O.U.S stands for “Family Of United Swaggers”. It is an all/mixed street styles dance crew from Mumbai.
As a matter of fact, the crew was established in 2013 by Abhishek Das. Accordingly, they want to represent their art-form to their very best and they strongly believe that “The Bestest Gift An Artist Can Give Someone Is ‘INSPIRATION’.” Their motto further states, “Also, We Want to Inspire Each And Everyone Through Our Work and Touch The Lives Of People In Our Own Ways.”

Furthermore, they want to promote “All The Street Dances” in each and every part of India. In fact, they want to help people to know about the authenticity and traditional aspects of different cultures and gradually make India as one of the hotspots for street dancing.

Moreover, their main aim is to take street dancing to another level and change India’s stereotype mentality about street dance styles. On the whole, talking about the video, FAM.O.U.S Crew released this dance video of “Mere Gully Mein” last year and it got more than 5 lakh views on YouTube.

Click Here To Watch Mere Gully Mein Dance Video

5.Raja Kumari-MUTE || Chandni Ft Mokshda And Arushi

In addition, Svetha Rao, aka Raja Kumari, is a fusion unto herself. A dutiful daughter caught between her parents’ professional career aspirations for her, and a calling to modern hip-hop, she’s managed to artfully blend her studious take on Indian classical music with contemporary hip-hop. In addition, Raja Kumari has the powerful voice and impressive delivery and presence. Furthermore, the same thing is being delivered by Chandni, Mokshda and Arushi in this dance video. They totally nailed the track with their sizzling dance moves. No doubt, these girls are a treat to watch.

Check Out Chandni Ft. Mokshda And Arushi Performing Their Moves On Raja Kumari’s Mute

6. Raga – Nayak ||ONE WAY CREW

Raga from New Delhi spat some straight fire in his track called Nayak which was released in September 2016. As a matter of fact, Raga is known for his tongue twister bars and the dancer in this video delivered kickass moves on each and every line that he spat on his track.

Click Here To Watch One Way Crew Dance On Raga’s Nayak

7. Badshah – Mercy || Melvin Louis

Next on the list is the record breaking track by Badshah named ‘Mercy’. The dance is performed by famous choreographer Melvin Louis from Dance People studios at Mumbai. Badshah himself gave an intro in the dance video and supported the dancer.

Watch Melvin’s choreography for Mercy here –

8. Raftaar – Baby Marvake Maanegi || Kings United India

Next on the list is the track named ‘Baby Marvake Maanegi’ by Raftaar who himself is fond of dance and has done it professionally. The crew named Kings United India has choreographed and performed the dance on the track.

Watch it here –

9. Brodha V – Let ‘Em Talk || Pradeep Jackson

The track ‘Let ‘Em Talk’ by Brodha V is itself a fast and energetic track and the Indian beats mixed with hip-hop rap flow brings out the dance in any dancer out there. One such dance performance is done by Pradeep Jackson. He has performed on the track freely (freestyle) as should be done in Indian way.

Take a look for yourself –

These are the few desi hip-hop dance videos which we would like to share with you all. If you have any suggestion so that we can put it on our next segment then feel free to comment the link of the video!