8 Shocking Facts About “Bohemia the Punjabi Rapper”!


Bohemia is the pioneer of Punjabi rap and is one of the key artists behind its success today Bohemia rapper songs have been consistent hits among the desi hip hop fans. Since he is already a very popular name, we don’t feel the need of introducing him. An artist is followed by tonnes of followers who want to know every detail about their favorite artist’s life. So, we decided to write this piece on Bohemia the Punjabi Rapper. This piece features 8 facts which are only known to a very few of his die-hard fans. Those who’ve just stepped into the desi rap scene and don’t know much about the punjabi rapper, should not worry at all cos you’re at the right place. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

1. Origin

Bohemia’s birth name is Roger David and he was born on October 15, 1979 in Karachi, Pakistan. As a matter of fact, he has been producing most of his music himself. Creative, right?Bohemia

2. Bohemia Is Choosy When It Comes To Collaborations

Bohemia very rarely collaborates outside of Kali Denali Music especially when it comes to hip-hop. However, Desi Beam from Chandigarh, Punjab is the only desi hip-hop crew that he has ever collaborated with. Doubt us?

3. Upset Bohemia And Get Exposed.

Bohemia has been with Universal Music and Sony Music in the past. However, he is currently signed with T-Series. According to the rapper, Sony Music was delaying the video release of his song Beparwah which was a single from his 2012 album, Thousand Thoughts. He further suggested that other artists are following his footsteps while labels are trying to pull him down. Too hot for a twitter exposure. Pheew!!


4. He Is There As A Helping Hand In Every Thick And Thin!

Jasmine Sandlas once admitted that Bohemia helped her in getting out of a federal law suit. Her own fellow musicians sued her after some disagreements and she was almost barred from singing forever. On the other hand, he exclusively produced her album and blessed the track with his verse. He even got her a deal with Sony Music for her album, Gulabi.

Bohemia the Punjabi rapper Image

5. Bohemia Don’t Want You To Fight For Him!

Once a kid approached him and admitted that he didn’t like Yo! Yo! Honey Singh. The room was full of applause but Bohemia asked everyone to be quiet. He then taught a lesson to his young fan that an artist should be respected for their hard work and hustle. West-Side Attitude!

Watch the full video here:

6. Only Legends Make It To The Coke Studio!

As a matter of fact, Bohemia is the first desi rapper to be featured on Coke Studio. He was featured on Coke Studio Pakistan in the fourth episode of their fifth season. On the other hand, he is the only desi rapper who has recorded three songs in a single episode for Coke Studio namely: School Di Kitab, Paise Da Nasha & Kandyari Dhol Geet.


7. Over 100 Songs?

As per Bohemia’s Wikipedia page, he has released more than 105 songs so far. This includes 4 studio albums, numerous singles and collaborations.

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8. His Love For Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar was the actor who introduced Bohemia the Punjabi Rapper to Bollywood with CC2C. In all of these years, they have developed a close bond and respect each other’s way of working. He even gifted a track to Akshay Kumar for his first Hollywood venture, Breakaway. It is rumoured that an upcoming biopic on Bohemia will star Akshay Kumar in the lead role.

Bohemia and AKshay Kumar-Sony Music Image