8 Rapper Kids Who Gave Us The Best Hip-Hop Songs

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Hip-Hop is for the children. We recently covered a release by a 14 year old artist based out of Mumbai on his latest drop. This just gave us an idea to expand that list even further. Since the early days of Hip-Hop, we have always seen child stars take centre stage to drop some really unique jewels. Be it jumpy songs, songs with a message, or just rapping for a fun aspect. There have always been children deeply involved and enthused about Hip-Hop culture.

8 Rapper Kids Who Gave Us The Best Hip-Hop Songs

The songs these kids make really stand out from a lot of noise and break free from the demographics. These sounds mostly represent something brand new. Creativity can come through all ages and this list will just prove that further. Music through the ages from the point of view of the children in Hip-Hop. That’s what this list will aim to discuss.

We have collected 8 rap artists (and their hit songs) from when they first hit the limelight/tapped in to the creative side of art in music. This is a list of some of the rapper kids who gave us, and will most definitely continue to give us some really great songs. Hip-Hop is for the children.

1) Jaden Smith – Batman

When you’re the first child of a pop culture and Hip-Hop Icon, you are already given some heavy shoes to fill. Will Smith has single handedly taken the acting world by storm, after he also took his musical aspirations by storm. Will was the first ever Hip-Hop artist to win a Grammy award.


Unlike his father, Jaden has taken his role in the music and media world with a pinch of salt. And a lot of memes. His legendary tweets from a year or so ago boasts philosophies only his peers in age group can comprehend. Although he is shaping up to be quite an actor, his musical side has its ups and downs.

The song “Batman” really stands out from some of his other songs though. He has cranked up the turn up levels to 11 and just let his imagination shine through on the song. With a hook that goes “Batman, Batman, Batman, Joker just put me on acid”, who ISN’T going to turn up to this? Very low, subdued vocals accompany the mellow yet gritty beats to capture Jaden basically being himself.


2) Kriss Kross – Jump

This legendary track has been in Hip-Hop playlists through every era of it’s existence. The track still plays at clubs all around the world and is an instant hit of some nostalgia fuelled dance vibes. If you’re a Hip-Hop head and know this song, the first thing you will picture is the duo with their clothing on backwards. Because otherwise, inside out is “wiggidy wiggidy wiggidy whack”.

8 Rapper Kids Who Gave Us The Best Hip-Hop Songs

This jumpy, funky track is a fun song to play at literally every occasion and is guaranteed to make you bust a move. Kriss Kross is a name synonymous with their track ‘Jump’. The funny visuals are an old school treat to the eyes.

Being the first Hip-Hop kid duo set them apart from the rest and basically gave their talents a launch pad. And they delivered exactly as planned. Mac Daddy and Daddy Mack gave us all an everlasting hit and a song to move to for all ages. Sheer brilliance by the young cats.

3) Noopsta – You Can’t Stop This Party

Manj Music protege Noopsta decided this year to pick up the mic and add yet another talent up under his belt. Being mentored by his father it was only natural that his first single would signify a long journey yet to come for Noopsta in the music world.

“You Can’t Stop This Party” was released earlier this year and it did not disappoint. The song featured Hip-Hop heavyweights Humble The Poet and Raftaar on it too. Packaged with a top quality music video, the song is a peppy, uptempo banger with a tune that sticks.

Both Humble and Raftaar take the stage to step up and talk about positivity through music. This is one song directed at all the kids of all ages. The culture needs more of these types of songs, reaching out to the kids and spreading positive vibes everywhere. Big up to Manj Muzik and the rest of the team for putting in the effort to create this song.

We see Noopsta rapping in Punjabi and the whole song is a cute dance track which everyone loved. His voice is highly complemented by the beat and he sets the tone to the song really well. We are waiting for more of his music too!

4) Bow Wow – Basketball

Formerly known as “Lil Bow Wow”, he has been one of the most successful kid rappers from the start of his career. Lil Bow Wow sold his best numbers when he was young and that launched him into superstar status instantly.

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He was discovered by Hip-Hop legend Snoop Dogg (who gave him the name Lil Bow Wow). Later on he was under the mentorship of Jermaine Dupri. He shaped Bow Wow’s career through the years.

His debut album, to this date has sold over 3 million units. The rest of his discography has come close but has not reached the same levels of success. But this does not take away from the phenomenal success story that he came to be.

5) Ishaan & Ayaan – PYBO

Since the early days of Hip-Hop, the culture and it’s music has been about spreading a message. No matter how simple or complex, we have used the music to reflect, change or impact society in the best possible ways. The Desi Hip-Hop Boyz Ishaan and Ayaan have done nothing less than that on their track “Put Your Belt On”.

8 Rapper Kids Who Gave Us The Best Hip-Hop Songs

This is a track that emphasises road safety and precaution. It carries forward the “Boyz N The Hood” instrumental and presents a simple and positive message. More than 20,000 passengers die on the road due to lack of implementation of road safety measures. This song aims to spread a message of safe driving, telling everyone to buckle up before and during a ride.

The video stands out because where else do you see a Tesla Model X in the middle of a skate park? We even see kids breakdancing in the video. The song is a great one and we expect the rapper duo to drop more songs like these.

6) Wildboy – Khouf

As we recently covered, Wildboy is a great potential rapper coming up straight outta Mumbai city. This kid is one to look out for as he has great lyrical ability and a versatile flow. He has performed in various events throughout the city. We await more songs and videos from Wildboy as he continues his journey in the hip-hop scene.

Wildboy's "Khouf" Is A Showcase Of Next Gen Talent

What really makes him stand out from the crowd is his vocal ability and voice. Of course this is a matter of time before it develops to a new level of tone, and by then we can expect him to be a full-fledged hardcore emcee. Watch the full video down below!

7) Noor Hassan – Meri Awaaz

Noor Hassan shot to fame after being endorsed by the Gullygang team. Hassan has since released a few singles, his latest being “Meri Awaaz” which is a song that claps back at a lot of hate talk. Love it or hate it, Noor Hassan is still a voice to be reckoned with. He has much to learn but with the right direction, we are sure he will work and reach his well earned spot.


Noor has also performed alongside Divine and Raja Kumari at many of their shows, which has given him an exposure to the art of emceeing. He is on his way to become a skilled emcee and move the crowd in his own way. We wish him all the best for his future endeavours as we await new music from him. Watch “Meri Awaaz” below and let us know what you think.

8) Soulja Boy – Crank Dat

At the age of 16, a young emcee named Soulja Boy Tell Em (Soulja Boy) straight outta Atlanta was ready to rock the mic. He dropped his hit single “Crank Dat” in 2006 and instantly became an internet sensation. His new found success took him to even greater heights single after single.

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The sound of Crank Dat is so simple yet so catchy. It literally is just 3-4 hits from FL studio pasted in a loop. The way Soulja Boy presented the song was what mattered. The “Superman” dance turned viral after its release and people everywhere uploaded videos of them doing the dance.

The video is also well made, which shows Soulja Boy in his “Superman” attire and also shows the dance being popular. The people watch the dance videos online and on flip phones. Today the video stands at 308 million views.