8 Quotes From Mumbai Hip-Hop That Are Awesome For Social Media Captions!

Lyrics and quotes go hand-in-hand. In fact, you might already know that hip-hop music is perfect for captions. Every now and then, a desi hip-hop artist spits out some bars that blows the listener’s mind. DesiHipHop music has picked some mind-blowing bars for your social media captions. This week we’re focusing on Mumbai hip-hop alone and here is what they have to offer.

1. “I hate famous people and I make my bet/ If I ever get famous I’ll even hate myself” – D’Evil

8 Quotes From Mumbai Hip-Hop

The year of 2014 witnessed this beautiful rap cypher that Mumbai delivered for the scene. The track was power-packed with punches and smart bars but Dhaval Parab aka D’Evil attracted our attention. If you’re a person who likes to avoid interaction with people, this might be the best caption for you from Mumbai hip-hop. After all, getting famous is not everyone’s goal, right?

2. “Shake my ass for fame, not my type of jig/ Give out punches for free, I’m that type of chick” – Dee MC

8 Quotes From Mumbai Hip-Hop

Female power matters, right? Dee MC is one of the finest FemCees in India and this bar says it all. Every girl can expose for fame but being confident enough about your skills in a particular field is outlandish. If you’re often mistaken as a prey, this bar can be used as a source of empowerment on your social media. Be confident girls.

3. “If you ain’t on a quest for life, I give you a reason/ If you ain’t living for a cause, you ain’t living a life, you’re just breathing” – Shaikhspeare


Aamir dropped his debut mixtape The Power of Subconscious Rhymes in 2014. The mixtape featured “Age of Conflicts” which is one of the finest posse cuts in the desi hip-hop scene. Artists like Nasir, EMF, Noxious D, Kav-E, Poetik Justis and Enkore were other attractions who individually changed the dimensions of the track. If you’re stepping into something promising, this might be the most accurate caption for you. Stay inspired and inspire others as well.

4. “I have dream and it’s not to own a Condo or Cruise/ My dream is to see every slumdog with a shoe” – Divine

Times When Divine Set The Stage On Fire!

Divine is one of the artists who is representing Indian hip-hop worldwide. He is often quoted for his thoughtful lyrics but this one is exceptional. Vivian was never equally privileged as others and that sparks his thoughts on paper. This bar accurately defines his kind and helping side which is humane enough. If you’re a person who works for the welfare of people around you, this is the best way to define your thoughts on social-media.

5. “Why cut throats? We ain’t neck and neck/ You can have the cheap cash, I’ll get it with respect” – Enkore


Ankur Johar aka Enkore dropped his mixtape Libra Scale in 2016. His intellect is projected by the words that he writes. On the track “Million Dollar Smile”, Enkore spat this bar which is deep enough for a majority to understand. The bar suggests that rivalry is not always the last resort, sometimes compromises lead to greatness. Some work for luxuries while some work for respect. What matters is your happiness. If you’re a person who loves honour more than comfort, this line is for you.

6. “I always gotta re-iterate, My money come first till the house down – real estate/ I’m the 7 seas, you a little lake” – Shah RuLe


Shah RuLe is one of the most renowned artists from Mumbai who is famous for his punchline game. In addition, The guy is a producer, rapper, lyricist, sound engineer & what not. Shah’s “Psycho” came out last month and featured D’Evil on it. Two punchline guys on one track? Ay! In fact, Shah RuLe mixed and mastered the track very tightly. This bar, in particular, grabbed our attention because the bar talks about productive dreams and smart use of earnings. Everyone can buy a car, right? Shah did play with words but delivered an interesting message of investments. Like they say, “Don’t put your trust in money but your money in trust”. Are you a wise guy? Then use this anywhere you want.

7. “Searching for some peace but in the end all you get is pain/ But every “Knight” takes a “L”, this shit is a “Chess game” – Poetik Justis


Poetik Justis is one of the most famous battle rappers at Battle Bars Bombay. The guy has delivered some dope verses in the past but when Greatness came out, his level went sky-high. The title track, “Greatness” gives you a reality-check. A dark, ambient, storytelling track is what this album wanted and boy this track is amazing. This bar particularly inspires you to stand up again after falling down on the ground. In fact, Poetik suggests that there is nothing that doesn’t give you pain but you have to believe that life is like a game of chess. You have to sacrifice your obsessions to achieve greatness. If you’re a fighter, go ahead, use this.

8. “Mera kaam hai logo Ko sacchai pe nachaane Ka/ Aafat Toh machaya ab Tehelka leke Aane ka” – Naezy


Naved Shaikh aka Naezy has been taking steps towards being the best. In fact, Naezy is one of the first rappers from India who became famous for using multi-rhymes. “Tehalka”, on the other hand, is one of his most celebrated singles yet which eventually positioned him as the Mumbai representative worldwide. This bar specially is a smart bar. It conveys a message of being real to your art and uses titles of his songs – Aafat & Tehelka. If your hustle is good enough and if you’re true to your art, success will touch your feet soon.

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