7 Underrated Desi Underground Hip-Hop Tracks That Are Worth A Listen!


Everyday the underground witnesses a new release but have you heard each and every desi hip-hop track? Surely, not. We’re going down the memory lane to find out some dope hip-hop track which didn’t achieve the deserving level of popularity. These tracks are not arranged in a particular order and every track is equally good. So, without any further ado, let’s get right into this list and celebrate hip-hop to the fullest.


1. Come Up – Rush Toor

Rush Toor is one the most celebrated artists in the underground right now. However, Rush has recently collaborated with Kala Kurta Gang with his Black Eye Galaxy team on “Repeat”. As a matter of fact, he is way too underrated. Rush has delivered tracks like “Hollywood” in the past but this is a straight laid-back track. “Come Up” was featured on Rush’s EP Pre Reqs and features Dave Bawa on the hook. This perfect boom-bap track is in fact supported by a catchy Punjabi hook. Check it for yourself and vibe on it.

Watch the music video of “Come Up” by Rush Toor here –

2. Na Galli, Na Lolli – MaaHaa

Mahadev Sastry aka MaaHaa hails from Hyderabad. His single “Na Galli, Na Lolli” was regional yet bilingual. “Na Galli, Na Lolli” in Telugu means “My Street My Hustle”. Moreover, the video showed what was up with MaaHaa and why he’s here. It was his first time in Telugu and not many have done Telugu Rap music earlier. Furthermore, the beat was produced by Shashank which still sounds fresh and has an old school touch. MaaHaa has done a few music videos under a production house from Hyderabad called iDream Media Inc. and this one was one of them.

Watch the music video of “Na Galli, Na Lolli” by MaaHaa here –

3. Nasty – Nasty Ninja

Nasty Ninja is one of the dopest and oldest artists from Mumbai hip-hop scene. On the other hand, his fellow artist ShahRule is known for tight mixes and dope beats. They hopped on for a collaboration where ShahRule produced a beat for Nasty Ninja and that’s how “Nasty” was born. The mix is tight and in-your-face. The best thing about this track is that its a slow trap beat which changes to old-school after the second hook. Furthermore, the video itself is dope. In fact, Nasty shot the video at Times Square and other parts of New York and delivered a quality product.

Watch the music video of “Nasty” by Nasty Ninja here –

4. Dargai Duniya – Chen K

“Dargai Duniya” draws out the monster in Chen-K as he sets up a battle against every one of the shades of malice in this world. Taking shots at the grieved condition of human life in current world, the rapper discusses his own trails and tribulations. Relatively few know that Chen was born in Canada. He later returned to Pakistan after his folks got separated. He didn’t know about his birth mother till he reached the age of 18. Every one of these feelings of his past surface in his music at present which influences it to be loaded with mindfulness.

Watch the music video of “Dargai Duniya” by Chen K here –

5. The City – ShahRule, Mumbai’s Finest, Cash Kardz & Slyck 2Shadez

Undoubtedly, the line up of this track was insane and so was the track. “The City”came out this year and left everyone amok. Even though the verses were not lengthy on this one, none of the slots left us unsatisfied. ShahRule produced this track and sung the hook. Mumbai’s Finest went next and talked about their city. Likewise, Cash Kardz (Now November) went in followed by Slyck from 2Shadez who killed it with a chopper/multi-rhymer flow. Dev Pawar/Mad D created this lyrical video which was simply brilliant.

Watch the lyrical music video of “The City” by ShahRule, Mumbai’s Finest, Cash Kardz & Slyck 2Shadez here –

6. Bottoms Up – Lakshya

Chandigarh/Delhi-based rapper Lakshya Arora dropped “Bottoms Up” this year. Lakshya was earlier known as KrazyClip but has now changed his name for some reason. “Bottoms Up”, as a matter of fact, was being delayed due to several issues including labels and technical difficulties. “Bottoms Up” is a fresh blend of alcohol, heart-break and a banger. Renowned music producer Sez produced the instrumental while Deep Kalsi recorded it and it was later mastered by Sukhpreet. ShotByInflict shot and edited an impressive video and Raksha, as a matter of fact, looks amazing in the video.

Watch the music video of “Bottoms Up” by Lakshya here –

7. Tuney Kyun – Pardhaan

Pardhaan is now a well-known artist in the business but when he was underground, he was dropping lyrical master pieces. “Tuney Kyun” is a blend of aggression, complaints & reality-check. Pardhaan poured his heart out on this beat and the vibes that his verse creates will give you plain chills. Slyck kicks in with his English verse carrying the tale towards the end. There’s no doubt that this track is popular but its popularity is somehow not much. DJ Jas produced this track and boy! This instrumental is way too hard.

Watch the music video of “Tuney Kyun” by Pardhaan here –