7 Bantaiz Take Heavy Shots In “Bachan”!

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The critics, naysayers and backstabbers will always downplay an artists moves or their journey. This is a given in each artists come-up. Love it or hate it, 7 Bantaiz are creating a cult following and music that defines itself as a big part of Dharavi sounds. Their methods are as unique as their style and sound.

Team work makes the dream work, and mostly everything that the 7 Bantaiz do are team-based decisions. The squad rushes in on each song going bar for bar with each other and this is their way forward. As shown in the video, their live performances live up to the hype, there is a connection between what they do behind the booth and on the stage.

Real Talk

“Bachan” – the latest song from 7 Bantaiz – is a tight slap to the critics and the people trying to trap artists in the vicious cycles in their journey. The song exposes the fake promises, the misleading voices and the greed of the people who look at Hip-Hop as a source of monetary exploitation.

Through the years, 7 Bantaiz have levelled up and completed huge projects, their claim to fame speaks for itself. This is a group that potentially could reach the upper echelon of Indian Rap and stay there for years – a name to be reckoned, while others just talk the talk – they walk the walk! Watch “Bachan” by 7 Bantaiz down below and share the video to support the movement!