50 Cent Gives Money to Every Worker in Burger King Drive-Thru


50 Cent loves to prove that he is a man of the people and this time he’s using his hard-earned cash to do so.

On Sept 15, 50 shared a video of himself and Jay Mazini, a famous entrepreneur, handing out thousands of dollars at a local Burger King in Queens, N.Y. In the video proof shared to Instagram, the 45-year-old MC pulled up to the fast-food chain’s drive-through to hand out cash to the employees and customers. Mazini shared in his own IG post of the good act that they gave out about $30,000.


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was like let’s do it again so we did it. STARZPLAY get the app

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“How is everything guys, you guys, good…How many people work here…Everybody who works here come upfront”. Jay Mazini says before 50 Cent emerges into the frame, urging the Burger King employees to come closer to the drive-through window. After showing his face, Fif begins to divide stacks of money between the workers while they celebrate meeting 50. He then went on to start handing out money to customers sitting in their cars at the drive-through waiting to place their orders.

After posting the video, 50 shared another image from the donation to Burger King employees. In which he shared how happy he felt to help those in need. “👀This shit is so cool @jaymazini is gonna see this an fall out. 😏If you don’t believe in good karma you will never understand this.#starz #bransoncognac,” 50 Cent shared In an Instagram caption.

This is the second time the Platinum rapper has stopped by a Burger King location to hand out money. Last week, Jay and 50 pulled up to a different Burger King to hand out $30,000 in cash..

HEADER IMAGE from @50cent on Instagram