5 Tracks That Will Inspire You To Flow Better

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Flow is one essential component of rap music. Without a certain rhythm or flow, words are merely said on a beat which sounds awful. The necessity of being on beat and to have an interactive flow done differently is losing it’s importance with the growth of mumble rap and the ‘Aye’ flow.  The new wave of teenage rappers could learn a thing or two about flow from these 5 legends listed below. We’ll be breaking down 5 such songs that have unique flows and creative content. Maybe it’ll inspire you!

1) Uncommon Valor – A Vietnam Story

This project featured a legendary verse from R.A. The Rugged Man. It was part of Jedi Mind Trick’s album “Servants in Heaven, Kings in Hell”This verse is hands down in the top five story telling verses ever. The way R.A delivered his verse made the track unique. Pick any R.A. The Rugged Man track to study his flow, the technique he uses is something that will make your mind go “oohh” each time you hear him spit.

2) Definition Of A Rap Flow –

The control A-F-R-O has over his delivery and words is something no rapper in the game can replicate. Also this project definitely cemented A-F-R-O’s place in the game. It made him the winner of ‘Definition Of A Rap Flow’ a contest held by R.A. The Rugged Man.

3) Yoke The Joker

This is one project which inspired Eminem to rap. The way Treach starts his verse and sets the tone for the entire project makes this drop one of the bests ever in Hip-Hop. A unique flow and raw lyricism always goes well and this is the proof.

4) Ass Like That

Eminem has a whole bag filled with flows which rappers can’t touch for days. This project ruled 2005’s rap scene as it stood out because of it’s unorthodox unique flow over a very banging instrumental. This is just one project from Eminem which is most noteworthy on the list. There are a lot more which needs to be put on a different list altogether.

5) The Classic

There is no list about flows without Method Man and the recent drop just proves why Method Man is one MC who has an untouchable flow. The Wu-Tang member along with the battle rap vet Cortez killed this joint. As a matter of fact, it’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to flows that Method Man carries.

A lot of emcees are missing on this list. Help us jot down more projects with amazing flows in our comment section.