5 Times When Underground Rappers Ate Badshah’s ‘Therapy’ Beat!



Badshah is known for dropping a few hip-hop tracks every now and then. In fact, Badshah is the only mainstream rapper who is actually balancing his commercial future and underground roots. From “Main Aa Gaya”, “Inception” to “Baatcheet”, Badshah has delivered excellence. As a matter of fact, last week witnessed the release of Badshah’s “Therapy”. However, “Therapy” is arguably one of Badshah’s best tracks lyrically. In addition, Badshah went down the memory lane and recalled his moments with Yo! Yo! Honey Singh in 4 bars of the track. Its a storytelling track which displays Badshah’s pre-fame and post-fame journey.

Stream Badshah’s “Therapy” here:

Since the instrumental had laid-back/story-telling vibes, underground rappers went amok. The hunt for reproducing the instrumental created a wave of anticipation for the rappers. As a result, when the beat came out through underground producers, “Therapy” remixes were everywhere. Here are five of the best underground remixes of Badshah’s “Therapy”. These remixes are NOT arranged in a ranking order. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

Therapy – Olvin

Rishab ‘Olvin’ Sharma is from Mohali, Punjab. Olvin has delivered tracks like “All My Munde“, “Shuruwat” and others in the past. In fact, Olvin is often considered as one of the best storytellers from Mo city. His version of “Therapy” came out on August 22, 2017 with a differently pitched instrumental. When we asked him about what inspired him to hop on the beat, his opinion made sense. “The day that I heard Badshah’s ‘Therapy’ for the first time, I felt instantly connected with it. As a result, I decided to remix it. I imagined how I would have done it. But due to my upcoming projects which were my  first priority, I had to delay it for a few days.”, he said.

“I wrote it in a single night and dubbed it the very next day. I was confident that my version will sound different from everyone else,” Olvin further added. Olvin balanced the lyricism with motivation and struggle. This version has a message of being strong.

Significant lyrics from the track:

Likhu Lafz , Panno Pe Gire Aansu
Wajah Pta Nahi Dil Thora Sehma Yu
Bohat Shukriya Jinhone Hai Nibhaaya Saath
Bohat Gaane..Aane Hai..Iske Baad !!

Stream the audio of “Therapy” by Olvin here:

Therapy – Yungsta

Yash Chandra has left his mark in the underground already. His reputation is impressive and his name holds respect in itself. Yungsta was one of the initial artists who dropped their remixes online but his one did raise the bar high. Trust us, this type of lyricism is impeccable. However, Yungsta didn’t use a lot of variation in his flow on this one but what he wrote grabbed everyone’s attention. Yungsta focused on his journey and differentiated it with others on this track. As a result, he got recognition from the underground once again and his fans are demanding him to rap more in Hindi.

Significant lyrics from the track:

Gaana ho chaahey Badshah ka, Chaahey ho Honey ka
Main karta rap jaise rap karne ka tareeka
Hun dekhta main roz jo wo likhta hu main roz wo
Zindagi hun likhta apni, likhta hun lateefa

Stream the audio of “Therapy” by Yungsta here:

Therapy – Gurekam Jot

This is the first Punjabi remix of “Therapy”. Gurekam Jot Singh is from Jalandhar, Punjab and decided to spit in Punjabi. We reached out to know what inspired him to remix “Therapy”. His answer was not very different from what Olvin previously suggested. “I just liked the vibe of this instrumental. I heard Badshah’s version two or three times back to back and my ear instantly fell for the melody of the beat. Basically, it was the beat which actually made me do it,” he stated. Gurekam focused on what others are doing wrong and wrote about it. The track also focused on how his fan base is growing but people who’re real are still feeling his lyricism. Gurekam dropped this remix with a video that he shot himself and later edited.

Significant lyrics from the track:

Sab kitta aapey, Navey raaste
Eh vikk gaye paiseyaan layi ve kinney sastey
Lok boldey mere baare dasdey lok ne,
Main dittey naiyo fuck, mere mukk gaye

Watch the video of “Therapy” by Gurekam Jot here:

Therapy – Prolific

Nitish Sharma is known for dropping music constantly. Widely known as Prolific, Nitish has his roots in Chandigarh, Punjab. Prolific’s earlier releases like “Throne“, “Poison” and several others have managed to spread his name in the underground scene. His old associate Deep Harks was one of the initial guys who actually reproduced this instrumental with a little bit of tweaking. Prolific used the same instrumental and wrote his heart out on it. He subliminally suggested everyone to get proper education because its never useless.

Significant lyrics from the track:

Menu pata bohat zaruri ae padhai
Je chalea na rap kam aaugi padhai
Par je chhad du shayd fer mai marjuga bai
Aj ni ta kal veere krni hegi ae kamayi

Stream the audio of “Therapy” by Prolific here:

Therapy – Apoorv & Rachit

Apoorv ‘Trippy’ Tripathi and Rachit Srivastava are from Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh. His version was the first one that caught our attention on social media. So, we reached out to Apoorv to know more about his side of the story. “I was getting positive vibes from the beat and the beat compelled us to write something on it and that’s how it came to life,” he said. Apoorv went first on the beat creating a vibe which was later continued by Rachit.

Significant lyrics from the track:

Kehte khud ko Bhai par woh pyar bas naam ka
Bandey hain farebi yahan koi ni kaam ka
Jabse aaya scene me haal kuch aisa hai ki
Jaane-maane rapperon ki chutti ho gayi khamakhaa.

Stream the audio of “Therapy” by Apoorv and Rachit here:

In conclusion, every rapper liked how the beat sounds and Badshah’s lyricism did create an aura. Which one is your favorite remix of “Therapy”? Let us know in the comments down below.