5 Times Desi Rappers Indulged In Controversies


Hip-Hop is a genre where if you have a problem with someone, taking it out personally is not the first option. History has shown us the ruthless side of emcees when they get down to dissing each other on songs. Eminem, Jay Z, Nas, Drake and many other legends have dissed rappers previously. In Desi Hip Hop scene however, the picture is a little different.

Desi Rappers

Hip-Hop and controversies are like blood brothers, always attached to each other.  As a matter of fact, the Desi Hip Hop rappers have been in the limelight for some controversial remarks about their fellow rappers before. These controversial incidents involved insulting the competition in front of the media or on stage, instead of taking it out on records like old school hip hop.

On this piece, we at DesihipHop.com would like to share some incidents when the leading desi rappers indulged in controversies –

1. Bohemia And Yo! Yo! Honey Singh

This rivalry started after the success of Honey Singh’s album International Villager. There was a time when Bohemia didn’t like what Yo! Yo! Honey Singh was doing to the culture. As a matter of fact, during his live concert in the capital Bohemia made a remark – “Jis din Bohemia lungi paake nach gya na”, which was pointed towards Yo! Yo! Honey Singh. In fact, both the artists did not react afterwards, but their fans started abusing each other on various social media sites.

Bohemia Vs Honey Singh

(Bohemia And Honey Singh)

2. Yo! Yo! Honey Singh And Badshah

This controversy happened when Yo! Yo! Honey Singh was seeking a comeback last year with his Punjabi flick “Zorawar”. During the promotional event for his movie “Zorawar”, a reporter asked Honey that in your absence rapper Badshah has taken over the industry. To which Honey replied, “Rolls Royce chalayi hai aapne kabhi, Rolls Royce or Nano mein bhot farak hota hai.” This caused quite a buzz in the media birthing a huge controversy.

Did Badshah Give Shoutout To Yo! Yo! Honey Singh In His New Track "Therapy"?

(Badshah And Yo! Yo! Honey Singh)

3. Yo! Yo! Honey Singh And Raftaar

It all started when the hit track “Dope Shope” was released. As a matter of fact, Raftaar and Honey Singh worked together in a rap group called Mafia Mundeer. They had previously given several hits, including “Sharabia” and “Kamli Kamli”among others. Raftaar decided to split from the group when Honey refused to acknowledge his contributions to the songs.

Honey Vs Raftaar

(Yo!Yo! Honey Singh And Raftaar)

Raftaar stated in an interview, “We were part of Mafia Mundeer that had both Honey and Badshah. It was about not giving us credit for the work we did together. Badshah and I equally contributed to the band. I used to write the lyrics and all of us worked together as a team. But when we finally went on stage, it was only Honey getting the credit. Even in the film Fugly, Honey and I had the same issues. I was involved in the song but Honey had my bit removed from the song. He never acknowledged my work.” 

4. Raftaar And Bohemia

Bohemia toured India in 2015 and performed at Delhi and Chandigarh. During his live performance in the capital city, he said that “Ajkal jo naye rappers hai jo mera mukabala kar rahe hai, unhone mere lyrics dhyaan se nahi sune. Kuch mote hain or kuch bhot tezz hain.” This was a shot taken at Raftaar who claims to be the fastest Desi rapper. Raftaar also reacted to this and he made a clear point that “Desi hip-hop kisi ke baap ki jagir nahi” in a track “Chill Raamix”.

Bohemia Vs Raftaar

(Bohemia And Raftaar)

5. J.Hind And Manj Musik

J.Hind and Manj Musik were indulged in a controversy after Manj did “Desi Hip-Hop”. J Hind took to twitter and made several posts about Manj. J. Hind posted a link saying Bohemia dissed Manj Musik in a live broadcast. To which Manj Musik replied by saying stop lying to your fans. Naturally, Raftaar jumped in and defended his guru Manj. It was just a power clash between J. Hind and Manj which became an entertaining controversy for their followers!

manj musik j hind

(Manj Musik and J Hind)