5 Times When Delhi-Based Rapper San Cha Brought 95 On The Map!


Delhi’s underground rap scene is on the rise and one of the artists grinding hard is San Cha aka Sankalp Chaturvedi. Today is a special day for him and for us at DHH. It’s San Cha’s birthday! In this article we dedicated to him, we look back at some of his best releases.

san cha birthday

He’s been in the game for a couple of years now and has proven himself. He gained that identity with his hard work and dedication which many find difficult to do. He has always been a helping hand to all whom he can help. Me writing this piece is an example as I was introduced to this web by him.

Let’s recall some of San Cha’s best work that released in past few months and years.

1. 100 Rack$

This track was released on 31st March 2017 and featured Shabd along with San Cha. It was produced by Stunnah and Sez. Everything in the track is on the point which makes it one of the best tracks till date by SanCha.

Stream it here:

2. I’m Drunk, I’m Drivin’

This track holds the second place in the best five by SanCha. The track was released on 4th May 2017. As per San , “It’s a mellow track which portrays the story of being drunk and driving slowly on the roads which holds some bitter memories of the past.”

Link to the track :

3. Not to be fuck’d with

This track was released on 16th January 2017 in collaboration with Shabd and The R-Hit. SanCha’s flow in this track was completely dope and does justice to the original beat of the track.

Below is the link :

4. Mainstream

It was one of the finest collaborations of underground rap artists which included Uday from Chandigarh, KKG from Mohali and Sancha from Delhi. All artists featuring in this track did justice to their own parts and played it well.

Link to the track :

5. Gone, Not Forgotten

It is one of the recent releases by San which was dedicated to his close friend. The track gives a full story flash back and portrays the feeling he was going through one sad night.

Link to the track :

With all these amazing tracks we can guarantee that he’s going to be a big name in this game in near future and at last we would like to wish him a very Happy Birthday from the whole team of DHH. Wishing him a bright future.