5 Recent Videos Straight Out The Bombay Underground Circle!

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1) Sai / D-Cypher + Various Artists – Shaitaan Ka Ghar

We Last covered Sai on the ATKT stage with the performance of “Dagmagaate”. This time we see not only him, but a group of very talented folks coming together to create a unique piece of music. This song is called “Shaitaan Ka Ghar” (The House of The Devil). Accompanying him on this track is none other than veteran beatboxer from Bombay Lokal – D-Cypher.


Together with some other talented college musicians, they have built a great track which gives the concept a dope expansion. They say an idle mind is the devils workhouse and this concept is beautifully penned down by Sai. D-Cypher accompanies the song with his skilled beatboxing in variety. Joining forces with Bass, Sitar, Tabla, Keys and some great vocals on the hook, the song sounds expertly devised. It is a wonderful experience to watch their synchronicity live and you get to see that on-screen when the crowd themselves react to this music.

Very little is out of place here, we are hoping to see more of such songs come out of the scene! This song is part of the ATKT.in “Chart Toppers” Music compilation that is available on Apple music and Saavn digital stores!

2) Allegionz – Justice League Cypher

Whether or not you liked the recent Justice League movie, you’re certainly going to dig this “Justice League Cypher”. Emcees from Bombay each picked a character for themselves and spat a cypher verse themed around each of their characters.


This track is presented by Allegionz. It features Rapture as Superman, MC Gravity (Bombay Lokal) as Batman, Rekoil as Cyborg, Praosh as Aquaman, Bobby Boucher as The Flash, and for the first time we see Grafck dawning the femcee image as Wonder Woman.

The Cypher isn’t to be taken lightly though. It is filled with dope flows, some hard hitting punches and some great lines relating moments from the comics to rap bars. Check this out below!

3) Gravity – Naqaab

It’s G-Eazy fever running in the Underground! We first heard the remix to G-Eazy’s ‘Guala’ by one half of Seedhe Maut member Encore ABJ. Now Bombay gave its own twist to the tale with MC Gravity spitting some raw bars with “Naqaab”. The track goes in to explain how “every face is a mask”. It talks about the prevalent hypocrisies in the scene. “Naqaab” attacks these concepts with raw and gritty bars.


It tackles the plasticity of the real world nowadays. It also attempts to take off the masks that hide the truth of people and who they really are. Gravity expresses his thoughts and emotions to expose these two-faced issues out. Raw bars up in this one!

4) The Siege – In This Together

The Siege has been slowly building his way up to your speakers since his last drop “Kalam” that released earlier this year. His latest drop just continues that process even further for him. A song filled with substance and motivation, “In This Together” is a huge step up from the noise. The video directed by Rolling Shutter has shown Seige in his reality surrounded by the very people he aims to uplift and motivate through music.


The song screams authenticity and it is the first single off of his debut EP – ‘Slightly Better Days’. We at DesiHipHop.com eagerly await more from the young emcee and this is definitely a great introduction to the upcoming EP.

5) Tienas – Vice City

Tienas has been known to give unique concepts a twist of his own. There is good creativity in each of the concepts he executes and this song is just another example of whats in store. The visuals for “Vice City”raise high nostalgia when you see clips from the video. There’s a lot of fun moments on screen too, all the while you will hear Tienas rap around the topic ‘satisfaction’. This song is smooth, mellow and just too soulful.


According to him, the song revolves around “Tommy” who is an artist and this central character goes around doing what he wants and when he wants. That process ends up having Tommy broke. This story then goes on towards the viewers’ imagination asking them to form their own ending. The song is structured really well and is a great nod to the concept of the game as well. Check out the intense vibes of the track in the link below and don’t forget to share an subscribe!