5 Must Have Smartphone Apps For Hip-Hop Fans & Artists!

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The world is getting digital day by day. Music sales are getting digital and the world is shifting towards streaming. Meanwhile, there are hip-hop fans and artists who struggle to get their work done. DesiHipHop.com has created a list of the best smartphone apps for all the hip-hop soldiers. Checkout this list to do work efficiently. So, without any further ado, lets get right into it.

1. Genius


Undoubtedly, Genius is the best app to find lyrics online. In addition, these lyrics include annotations which basically helps a reader to know the context of the lyrics. The website also adds opinions & descriptions in a line-by-line format which allow a better readability. In fact, Genius is the only website which provides this feature. The Genius app is available for both iOs & Android users. The app also has a unique feature. Whenever you play a song on your device, the Genius app will find the lyrics of the track and will send you pop-up notifications. Tap on the notification and your lyrics are ready to read. Change the track on your device, another notification pops up with the next song’s lyrics. Isn’t that cool?

The app is free to download and also has an audio fingerprinting feature which allows users to search for a song they don’t know the name of. Play the song and tap on the feature and it will identify the song for you. Trust us, its better than Shazam.

2. Who Sampled?


This is one of the most interesting apps on this list. If you’re a producer who likes a sample on a song but doesn’t know its name, what do you do? That’s where this app comes in handy. Who Sampled? allows you to find the samples used on a song just by typing the name of the song in the search bar. You can easily find the track by searching its title or the artist and that’s all you basically have to do. The app is available on both iOs & Android platforms. However, this app is free on Android but costs INR 300 on iOs.

There are no advertisements on the app and that’s a plus point here. If you want to buy this app, we suggest you to check their website and the android version first. You’ll know what you’re getting.

3. RhymeZone: Rhyming Dictionary


If you’re a songwriter, this should be your best friend. RhymeZone.com is one of the most useful websites when it comes to find rhymes for a word in your song. It really enhances the wordplay and vocabulary used on a song. The website also provides exact rhymes, near rhymes, homophones, synonyms, antonyms and uses them in a sentence for you. The website provides the same features in their mobile app version. The app is available on both iOs and Android platforms but unfortunately, its not free. On Android platforms, the app costs INR 132 & iOs users can purchase it for INR 250. Use their website to get your purpose solve instead.

4. Rap to Beats

Lets just imagine that you’re dope at off-the-dome rhyming but you don’t remember what you said in your last freestyle. What do you do? This app is a blessing and a saviour for people like you. This app provides you pre-produced beats that you can select and later rap on. Record your off-the-dome freestyle using the built-in recorder and write down the lyrics later from the recording. The quality of the audio will depend on your smartphone’s built-in mic. There are third party external microphones that you can buy to connect with your smartphone at cheap prices online. This app is free on both iOs and Android platforms. Enjoy and keep practicing.


5. Battle Me

This is the best smartphone application for Hip Hop fans and rappers. Battle Me is a hip-hop recording studio and community which has more than 800,000 rappers as of now. The app gives you exposure by linking the tracks to these communities which have DJs, Record Labels as members in them. Pick a beat. Record yourself rapping on it and take part in the weekly rap battles online. You can literally make your way to the success by competing with the world while sitting at home. Isn’t that great?

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