5 Keys to Achieving your Dreams | New Episode of #OnTheRoad


Last week on #OnTheRoad with DJ Raf, we discovered the numerous things that AO is up to. This week, AO dives deep into his vault to unwrap his secrets to success.

On The Road with DJ Raf – S1E2 | 5 Keys to Achieving Your Dreams

As I traveled the US for the show, I quickly realized that every artist, and every person has some unique challenges to get over. Everyone I talked to seems to be going through a mission. And, as missions go, the mission of making good music has always been one of the most challenging parts of any artist’s career.

I also realized, during my interviews, that the keys to success can be applied to any work that we do. What I’m trying to say is that the path to success has many routes. The knowledge that we can gain from other’s experiences will give direction to the way we take these pathways to success.

“If you’re constantly thinking at a high level, and working at it, you will eventually get the results” – @WorldofAO

In this episode, AO lists out 5 keys to achieving any dream.

Execute your ideas.

Have an intense work ethic.

Consistency is key.

“My biggest vice is consistency… Sometimes things come up, but you have to find a way to be consistent.”

Always be grateful of those who are supporting you to achieve your goals and dreams.

Always keep your dream alive.


Follow Your Dreams

Interviewing AO for this episode inspired me to keep on going. This is one of my dreams, this show, these episodes, the way it’s all designed. This is my dream. Well, one of my dreams.

And, talking to AO about these goals and other goals, inspired me to keep pursuing my goals and dreams. And, seriously, guys, I’m not a YouTuber. I’m also not a ‘TV guy’ – like, I literally never watch TV. My 60 inch flat screen just sits there like a work of art. So how the hell does a guy who doesn’t watch much TV create a show that others can enjoy? I just follow my dreams and go where they take me.

You can do it too.

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