Mumbai based SIXK drops ‘Conversation’ Addressing Mental Health Awareness

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After the wide reception of their debut single in April 2018, Mumbai based Urban-Pop/Hip-Hop collective SIXK released their second single ‘Conversation‘ today across all music-streaming platforms.

Check out the latest release, ‘Conversation’ right here:

While the band has already scheduled several releases starting Jan 2020, ‘Conversation‘ is some sort of a prelude, a warm-up to their sound and a bittersweet twist to their perspective of mental-health in the world today.

In words of SIXK- “In this age of self-centred apathy most of us quite easily say the words “I’m depressed” far too often. Pent up frustrations and loneliness drive people down dark paths in their life. ‘Conversation’ is an exploration of this very journey of life that seems meaningless. At the end of the day all most of us need is just someone to listen to us and someone to pretend our problems matter to them. ‘Conversation’ elucidates these very emotions sometimes almost suicidal within us and is a song about hope in this seemingly abysmal life. You may be screaming internally, you may want to kill yourself but just talk to me tell me your mind and I’ll pretend that you matter.”

SIXK is a Mumbai based 6-member Urban Pop music collective that was formed in 2018. SIXK comprises core members comprising of Viraj Chheda (producer/vocalist), Hari Pilaka (producer/vocalist), Nihal Shetty (producer/vocalist), Ghisho Ghajbiye (producer), Rae Mulla (vocalist), Siddhant Patra (drummer). The band works to feature several collaborations and contributors along their musical journey forward and draws inspiration from the likes of Frank Ocean, Kaytranada, Vulkpeck and Gorillaz among others.

SIXK aims at melding several genres of music from Funk, Jazz, Neo-Soul all the way to Trap, Drum n Bass and Hip-Hop. SIXK is a group of individuals aimed at finding a balance between the purist’s perception of music and the perversion of sound to create genre-bending music.

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