3 Times when Pak Man Made our Heads Turn with his Flow

Pak Man is back to drop a hard hitting single – Proper Credit. After dropping some bangers in recent years, Pak Man took a break from music so that he could come back in a major fashion.

Currently in Atlanta – he’s been grinding it out to make new music among the Migos and the Sonny Digitals of the world.

Among his work in the past, Pak Man has made impact every time he dropped a track with insane flows. The man seems to go in hard everytime he blesses the mic, here are a few of his videos that made our heads turn in recent years.

3 Times when Pak Man Made our Heads Turn with his Flow

Team Backpack Cypher

Pak Man had his own rendition for Team BackBack Cypher with this sick flow back in 2012. As he eats up the mic and clobbers his listeners with insane flows, Pak Man made his mark with this particular video – which made it’s rounds all over the internet. Love this flow? Wait, there’s more to come from this guy!

Lyrical Warfare

Pak Man did really lose his handle on the mic in this single – “Lyrical Warfare”. Any questions on why he chose that name for the song? Hit play and let the man explain it all himself! The song starts off with a sick verse by Pak Man and it soon switches to Biggie’s “Dead Wrong” beat. At that point, Pak Man takes that opportunity to really drop some lyrical gems to take the song to another level.

Makin’ Somethin’ Outta Nothin’

Proper Credit Droppin’ on July 31st

We already know that the man’s grinding it out with Proper Credit. And we hear that there is a dope remix planned for this track – with the likes of Guru Lahori? But, nah, we’re not gonna confirm whether that’s true or not. You will have to wait for that to come out, just like we do!

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Pak Man’s Proper Credit – drops July 31