2 Desi Rap Battlers Drop Fire Bars On “f*ckthatsh*t EP”!

EMF and Shreyas are two of the most notorious battle emcees to grace the battlerap stage in India. Their works beyond the battle leagues speak volumes too. There’s no limit to lyricality and both these fiery emcees bring that vibe to life on their latest EP – “F*ckThatSh*t”!

No F’s Given

EMF (aka Asura) hailing from Bombay has made a name for himself as a veteran battle rap artist – but he has his hands full of dope material set to release. He has already been the voice for comical rap act “Gari-B” and released a successful album with comedy collective Tadpatri Talkies titled “Gari-B Ki Kahaani”. He also has a concept based Marathi rap album in the works which seems promising. Besides that, he is the contender for the title of Grandmaster at the next B3 India. The Grandmaster title represents the best rap battler of the country.

Shreyas represents Pune city and, observing his battle skills, can easily run for the top spot in Indian Battle Rap lyricists. The emcee has been ferociously improving on his skillset and it clearly shows in this EP particularly. He is one of the most consistent underground talents with regards to creating bodies of work. With three EP’s already out, he is honing all corners of the artform every step of the way.  Shreyas’ style is off-centre and the way he delivers his bars is something that sets him apart.

This EP would be a fan favourite for purists and newcomers alike. All 4 tracks are produced by one of Mumbai’s top producers – Shinji. He has added the vibe, grit and energy into creating this unique collaboration.