10 Things We Bet You Didn’t Notice In MC Heam Starrer Kaliyug!


MC Heam recently released his music video Kaliyug in association with R.A.T and DesiHipHop.com. Kaliyug has a one of kind music video which is class apart from any other hip hop music videos from India. While many have already watched and shared the video, there are a lot of hidden meanings in it which no one could figure out in one watch. Desihiphop lets you in on 10 such things we bet you didn’t notice in the first watch!

The Holy Trinity

There are 3 characters of Heam, representing the holy trinity of Bramha, Vishnu and Mahesh. Each has been given the basic characteristics respectively. Like Bramha (running away in fear), Vishnu (stable mind awaiting the merger of Bramha) and Shiva (kept away from the 2 with pent up anger which is about to burst). Each of these characters Heam played have a separate symbol on the forehead.

Eastern Spiritual Elements

The video was kept consciously away from the regular hip hop setting using BMX riders, graffiti, b-boys and other rappers and is heavily influenced from eastern spiritual elements.

Director’s Secret

The director, Shantanu aka Eragnut has consciously kept the lip sync section of MC Heam in silhouette as a metaphor that actions speak louder than words.

MC Heam Kaliyug

The Dark Side

The black theme of the video is specifically to show darkness of the soul in individuals. The goal of spirituality is to rise higher. However in Kaliyug, it goes opposite and downwards. As you can notice, the settings get darker and darker as the video proceeds.

Heam Kaliyug

Unnatural State Of Mind

Kaliyug is one of such tracks where MC Heam couldn’t hold back from expressing himself. The rapper had earlier revealed that those days of making the album were one of his darkest times. Unnatural colors were chosen for the video similar to how Heam perceived the world during the days when he made Kaliyug.

Roller-coaster Of Ideas

This video was about to get launched in early 2016, but unexpected elements kept on delaying the process. Lot of alternative treatments of the video were thought of and let go by team R.A.T. and unexpected delays continued till the launch date.

Unison of Soul

The setting where Heam is sitting in front of the pond is a representation of the soul waiting for union from the setting where he’s running constantly. Energy is shown travelling downwards to the darkest form of MC Heam, showcasing that Kaliyug is taking its form. As the trinity is formed, the energy enters the pond which leads to the final setting.

heam kalyug 2

Trapped Mind

The video is a metaphor of MC Heam’s trapped state of mind during the time he wrote Kaliyug. In an interview earlier, Heam revealed that he would never write a track like Kaliyug again. The artist even refrains from performing the song live anywhere.

Watch the interview here. 

Vishnu Avatar

The setting where Heam is sitting (Vishnu Avatar) is known to strategize and plot to preserve balance. The blue ray of energy running behind MC Heam is actually the energy sent by the Vishnu Avatar. This energy is sent to trap the character that is running, and force it to enter the spiritual world. We as individuals avoid the spiritual journey because of temptations until we are trapped/tricked into it.

mc heam kaliyug

Reference To Ancient Scriptures

Heam had earlier revealed that he drew inspiration for the track from Hindu scriptures Mahabharata and Ramayana. As predicted by Lord Ram, the world is now in its last and final stage known as the Kaliyug. The video is intentionally kept abstract similar to the ancient scriptures.

Watch the video for MC Heam’s Kaliyug and let us know which of these 10 things you had missed earlier –