10 Hottest Music Videos Of November You Shouldn’t Miss!

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Too many bombs were dropped last month by our very own Desi Hip Hop artists. We’re here for you with a list of top 10 hottest tracks for the month of November 2018. If you’ve missed out on any of these videos, we’ve got you covered!

10 Hottest Music Videos Of November

Qatal-E-Aam – Sun J x Haji Springer

Qatal-E-Aam is a lyrical bloodbath! Rapper Sun J reps New Delhi and he kills it with his Hindi verse which is followed by Haji Springer’s kickass Hinglish bars. Produced by Springer, this track has a trippy beat and it aims at killing other rappers lyrically. For those of you who don’t know, this is Haji and Sun J’s second collaboration. The first track in which these two artists worked together was ‘Real Life’, produced by Springer featuring Sikander Khalon.

Funk – Pav x J-Statik x Fateh

The track Funk is a Punjabi party track, it’s written and composed by Pav, J-Statik and Fateh. Fateh’s verse has a great flow and dope punchlines adding more value to the track. The video is as funky as the song name and this Punjabi tune is here to stay. Check it out.

Junoon – Divine

Our gully boy Divine dropped his solo ‘Junoon’ filled with power-packed bars. The rapper is basically talking about the hardships he faced since he was a 4-year-old. Compared to his other numbers like ‘Mere Gully Mein’ or ‘Kaam 25’, this track is slow-paced, serious and emotional in which Divine pours out his personal experiences. Talking about the video, it has been shot in a really simple way, which goes along with the tone of the track.

Shook – Raja Kumari

This songstress actually shook everyone with her latest singe Shook. You can see her kill the track with poise, amazing dance moves, her heart throbbing singing skills and hot bars! The music video is really appealing in which you can see Kumari carrying on amazing Western as well as Indian attires with utmost confidence, adding the Indian flavour to her song. If you still haven’t heard it you are missing out on something lit!

Chalega- Trap Poju X HHB

‘Chalega’ by Trap Poju gives its listeners and viewers a different flavour of rap altogether. It is a laid back yet energetic song topped with a different style of video editing. This track will give you a trippy dose! Hut Nation has done a stupendous job, making this video stand out compared to other hip hop videos in the Desi scene. Do check this impressive number by Trap Poju produced by one of Mumbai’s favourite producers, HHB.

Vlimpse – Sabu

East Coast rapper, Vlimpse, dropped Sabu in November – which went on to grab a million+ views on Facebook. The music video is a carefully crafted work of art shot with circus performers. The track showcases Vlimpse’s versatile flow on a bangin’ beat, with catchy wordplays and lyricism.

Dope Mantra- MC Jinn X Tratak

This is a raw track exhibiting immense energetic flow by rappers MC Jinn and Tratak. They rapped in Hindi and killed the track on a catchy beat. UK Rap Boy mixed and mastered the track while the video of this track is simple and finely shot by Raiychu Films. All the elements of this track are put together finely, do check it out and express your views.

Chhote Sunn- Loka X MC Altaf | Crazyvibe

MC Altaf has been on a roll releasing back to back music videos. This time he brought Loka on board for a really fire track with tight Hindi bars. The music video has been shot by Dropout. This track gives a raw flavour similar to the Gully vibe of Mumbai. Check it out and let us know what you felt about this song!

Nasty Ninja – Tezaab | Produced by Crazy Vibe X InStine

Tezaab by Nasty Ninja personifies the new school Desi rap vibe. Ninja rapped and sang in Hindi, with simple yet catchy lyrics. The video has been shot in Mauritius which gives it an international appeal. InStine and Crazy Vibe from Mumbai’s Finest are the producers of this track.

Love Jihad Rap Report – Shaikhspeare

Rapper Shaikhspeare who reps Mumbai dropped a brand new music video named ‘Love Jihad Rap Report’. The political rapper explains his point of view regarding the issue of Love Jihad in this song. He also talks about hate-politics in this song. Haze Kay produced this rap lyrical video.

Bol Beta – Yungsta X Encore ABJ

Yungsta and Encore joined hands to drop their track Bol Beta, but unfortunately the track was removed from YouTube. Yungsta recently revealed the reason behind this on his Facebook profile. Regardless, the song is back on YouTube which is a sigh of relief for the artists!