Delhi Hip Hop Meet 2018 Is Here! Check Out The Line Up & Contest Details


Delhi Hip-Hop has come a long way. From the first few artists to represent the city to the now fully growing and thriving Hip-Hop scene – it is now a full fledged Hip-Hop movement and one of the biggest hubs for Hip-Hop in the country. The capital city is growing home to some of the most musically adept and diverse artists. This first of its kind event is brought to life by the GALI HIP HOP movement.

The pace is picking up quick, and the artists are wasting no time to put out some great music. The streets have heard the beat of the music and are now creating their own visions and bringing their ideas to life one song at a time. The change has been rapid, it has been fast-paced, but most of all, it has been true to the culture.


Since the past couple of years, the scene has been launching outward and growing collectively in their own way. We have seen some great breakout artists from the Delhi Hip Hop circuit such as Full Power (Youngsta + Frappe Ash), Seedhe Maut, Sez On The Beat, Prabh Deep, Delhi Sultanate and many more.

Interestingly the hosts of the show also held a contest, seeking entries from rappers to choose a winner out of. The chosen winner gets goodies and hampers from the official sponsors for this event. Check out the details below.

Strength In Numbers

The upcoming Delhi Hip-Hop Meet promises to be one of the most promising meets in recent times. For the first time there will be a list of 30 artists sharing the stage. Yes, you heard that right, 30 different artists hailing from Delhi performing one after the other. The event is hosted at the widely known Kitty Su at the Lalit Hotel. There are a lot of new faces in the meet, it just adds that much to the diverse music that Delhi will be bumping on the 26th of August!

Prominent names are – DJ KARMA, Khatarnaak Hip-Hop Collective, Yungsta + Frappe Ash (Full Power), MC Kode, Marshall The Third, Lakshya, and many more! The night promises to be exciting and it is movements like these that amplify the sounds of the culture far and wide. Desi Hip-Hop is proud to present this unique movement in the capital city.

The host for the night is none other than B3 India Clan Leader – MC Kode. We have handpicked a few recommended tracks from some of the emcees in the lineup. These are just a small few of the many performers you will see tomorrow night! Check out some of them below and dont forget to get your tix in the link below!

Artist Previews

1. Khatarnaak Hip-Hop Collective

Khatarnaak Hip-Hop Collective is a must watch when the clique hits the stage! The fierce energy and the intense vibes that they create on stage is a sight to be seen. The sync between the crew and the fire that they bring while performing is surely going to make the night one to remember. The Khatarnaak Collective has been repping Delhi for quite some time now and it is only right that the city shows love back. This shows the unity across artists in Delhi. Somethin India can make note of while pushing the culture forward. Check out their latest release “Chillin Wala Scene 3” down below, and make sure you catch them live!

2. Full Power (Yungsta + Frappe Ash) – NaNa 

Full Power went full steam ahead on their latest album – Showtime. They immediately then proceeded to release the music video for one of the most lit songs on the album “NaNa”. Their energy amongst the crowd is easily unmatched. As skilled as they are in the booth, they are no strangers to the art of emceeing. And by that we mean tearing the roof down with performances! Get ready for a moshpit in the making, stay safe out there when these two come on stage! Check out this song for some pure energy and vibes!

3. Doperman – Made Up

Doperman is a hidden gem in the hip-hop scene, probably the most unheard, underrated new artist. Seeing as he has done negligible promotions on his recent tracks, its not a surprise to miss him. But when you do get to listen to the tunes, rest assured you will be hooked on to the vibe for days. This is pure melodic trap, new age sounds with some great crafting. Doperman is an upcoming emcee with international potential. Check out one of the popular sounds – “Made Up”.

4. Marshall The Third – Floor Lava Hai

Marshall The Third has a sound that is a trip of its own. He provides his own comical relief through songs and it borders on a whole bunch of sarcasm involved too. The kind of songs he makes are trippy to say the least. The soundscape of his playlist are sure to make you feel all sorts of ways, and at Kitty Su, make sure you get yourself ready for his performance. The song “Floor Lava Hai” is a step away from his usual regular sound. This is on a more serious note, and is musically brilliant. So is the video, do check it out!

5. MC Kode – Giraffe

Fuck MC Kode too. This dude is nasty. Basically doesnt give a shit about what he does with his body he need more water. Been listening to his songs got me pissed off tho. MC Kode is cool sometimes when he come and hang in bombay but that delhi air got him fucked up. Kinda sad, kinda honest. No lie. Delhi life tough. Ever had to apologize to the air you breathe? Thats MC Kode. Dissing DHH for no reason cuz his ass fired now. Damn. Also dad suicide. (PS Control your bitch he been stealing sponsors too but its cool keep it)

6. Lakshya – Bottoms Up

It is great to see Lakshya making his return to the stage at this official meet. His last track garnered some good amount of eyeballs. Lakshya is an old timer in the Delhi Hip Hop scene and we guarantee that this is going to be one hell of a performance. The emcee has crafted this song brilliantly. It is a commercial song blended well with the vibes of the underground. Something to check out for real, make sure you catch him LIVE at Kitty Su!