Ras Ceylon

Coming straight out of the West Coast (Bay Area & Southern California) representing East Bay Politix & HungryBros.BoomSound, Ras Ceylon is an emcee, educator and organizer bringing revolutionary music, a hip-hop meets reggae dynamic and explosively conscious lyrics. Drawing on his Sri Lankan roots and Rastafarian faith, Ras Ceylon brings a unique sound intertwining militant messages with head nodding beats. With a musical career spanning the past 15 years, Ras Ceylon’s intersection of sounds of dancehall, hip-hop, Cali flavor and Oakland grime delivers an audio soundscape with the complexity and breadth that makes him a true musical anomaly. Starting at the age of 14, Ras Ceylon got his first start as the emcee of a local DJ crew spinning at local spots across Southern California. By 1999, Ceylon had released 1st Lesson EP aka The Red Tape, a cassette tape mix he slung by the hundreds at shows and on the streets. An accomplished emcee, Ras Ceylon has released three solo projects since 2005; a full length solo release Collegraduate: Lesson 1999-2004 (June 2005) and Scientific/Non-Fiction released on Throwback Records and produced by June22 (October 2008). In March 2011, Ras Ceylon releases his latest album, Gideon.Force Vol.1, a mixtape/street album that returns Ras Ceylon to his Rasta influenced lyrics and conscious driven energy. Featuring artists such as Jamaican stars Munga Honorable & Norris Man to hip-hop legends Shabaam Sahdeeq, stic.man of Dead Prez & Tragedy Khadafi, this album is a culmination of years of collaboration at the highest level.