Rap Engineers

Rap Engineers was formed four years ago while these five guys were going through their engineering studies. R.E is blend of ‘Desi’, ‘Afro American’ and ‘Traditional’ flows, introducing variations in music, rap styles and mixing them up with several other genres. R.E has a firm belief in current day situations and the constantly changing ideology of this world and their lyrics depict their experiences and feelings about this whole scenario, they are beyond the limited world of diss and battle raps. There are hundreds or even more Rappers across the country but still there’s no proper recognition for this talent in this country. Hiphop needs revolutionary beginning and whole hearted welcome in Pakistan, so it’s a request to all the rappers around the nation if they’ve got it then produce it. Pakistani Musicians from other genres are famous and heard all around the world, so it’s time for Pakistani HipHop to pop in and fill the vaccum. And make the Music Industry of Pakistan “a complete package to the world of music”.