Gangs of Desi Hip-Hop

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As the Desi Hip-Hop culture matured over the past decade, we've kept a close eye on the various crews across the globe creating a new breed of music & culture for the South Asian youth diaspora. We've lost some notable ones like the BURBAN movement by Shizio in the UK and Zoobabies by Noyz in Canada - but in this game only the strong survive.

Achint To Reveal New Music At B3 India!

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Achint, also known by his stage name Noxious, has been a very prominent name in the HipHop scene. With a power packed start to his journey with songs like “Fuel To The Fire” with EMF (then A-Gee); and also representing…

Top 5 Desi Hip Hop Moments Of April 2018


Desi Hip Hop culture is spreading like wildfire taking over the international soundscape. South Asian artists are representing the region overseas whereas in their own countries they are making major moves in the entertainment industry. Let’s take a look at…