Music Fandom and the Web

If you’re a big fan of the hip hop scene and find that you’re often missing out on the latest releases or concerts happening in your area, then you’re not making use of the greatest tool available to music fans: the web.

The internet allows you to do a variety of things:

1) Follow artists.

RSS feeds, Twitter, Facebook – there are many different ways to keep track of your favourite artists, and whether they’re discussing what they ate on the weekend or when their next concert will be, you’ll get those updates whether you’re at work or playing when they arrive. That way you can read at your leisure and know you’re never going to lose track.

2) Book tickets.

Sick and tired of having to wait in line at the box office, only to get turned away once all the tickets are gone? Well, you don’t have to – just log onto a ticket website, book your tickets there, and either pick them up in person or have them delivered! This is far easier, and there’s far less risk of going all the way over to the venue only to find out there’s no tickets left.

3) Meet up.

If your friends cancel and you’ve got no one to go with, use the internet to find a community of like-minded fans who might be in the same situation, and go together! As long as you use your street smarts (be wary of people you don’t know, be safe, and so on), you’re likely to have a great time, and you’ll end up making a load of new friends in the process. Sounds like a win-win to us.

These are just a few ideas, but there are loads of possibilities for those who are excited about finding the latest concerts and artist news via the web. All it takes is a connection and some spare time, so get to it!