Fortitude is an alternative Rap/Hip Hop Band. It was formed back in 2005. At that time they were experimenting and not much into it but then in 2007 they started to take much interest and the things got serious. The rap band ‘Fortitude’ hails from Peshawar, It has three members Shaxxx, Webster & Party Wrecker. This aint average rap band living next door they are here to produce some serious knocking beats with vocals having flow you never knew. They made their entry in underground rap scene on net in January 2008. But they will very well be a force to reckon with. They are the fusion of fast rap, groovy beats.

Shaxxx: He is the pioneer of this band. He writes lyrics and also he’s an Emcee with an exceptional fast flow. He also does R&B sometimes. He wants to take rap to a whole new level.

Webster: He’s the main master mind of Fortitude .He is the producer, composer i.e, makes beats for the band and also mixes & masters the tracks. He raps as well and writes lyrics.

Party Wrecker : He is an Emcee, has a party flow with aggressiveness and does R&B. He’s also the first rapper to introduce Pashto rap in Pakistan along with english rap. He’s also a member of a project known as Project BX with other talented artists from Pakistan.