Best Hip-Hop Shows & Podcasts To Watch During the Pandemic

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If there are two things we all enjoy, it's hip-hop music and talking about hip-hop music. As the world gets used to the new life in Covid-19 pandemic, people are consuming more content than ever. Thankfully, there is a wide selection of hip-hop shows/podcasts available online to choose from. Whether you want to know more about your favorite hip-hop artists or just enjoy hip-hop discussions in general. We at DesiHipHop are here to provide you with a list of quality Hip Hop content, to keep you engaged amidst all this.

Raja Kumari drops her first track “N.R.I.” with Mass Appeal India

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Raja Kumari is back with her first release with Nas' newly established label Mass Appeal India, where she recently signed a deal with. Titled "NRI" (meaning Non Resident of India), she refers on how the term is used derogatorily against people who are Indian but don't live in India. In the song, she raps about her struggles in living in the duality of both - where she’s "too American for India and too Indian for America".